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Agatha Christie

Looking at the life of Agatha Christie, the best selling author of all time with over eighty novels published...

Mitchell Caplin

on 16 May 2016

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Transcript of Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie 1920 1922 1923 1924 1925 1926 1927 1928 1929 1930 1931 1932 1933 1934 In this book, Hercule Poirot, a famous detective takes a ride on the usually empty Orient Express. To his surprise, it is booked and ends up replacing someone's else seat arrangement. There are many wealthy passengers on this train, including one American that asks for Poirot's help. After denying his request, this American ends up dead with numerous stab wounds in the chest in the Coach compartment. The other travelers, who all seem to have a connection with this myserious man have their secrets and Mr. Poirot will solve this stupefying crime. 1934 1935 1935 1936 1936 1936 1937 1937 In this book, the wealthy Linnet Ridgeway has almost everything in life and what she doesn't have, she takes. When she meets her best friend's new man, she sets out on taking him, and succeeds. The best friend stalks them all the time, including their cruise on the Nile, which happens to be the same cruise that Hercule Poirot is taking. When a series of events leads to Ms. Ridgeway's death, almost everyone is certain on who it is, but there is one problem, she has a solid alibi. Mr. Poirot soon discovers that looks are quite decieving as he solves this peculiar case. 1938 1938 1939 In this book, Mr. Luke Fitzwilliam takes a visit to the isolated village of Wychwood. While on the way, he meets an elderly lady who is speaking of the murders in this town. Of course, he doesn't take much concern, that is until he discovers that this old lady has been murdered the next day. When he visits, he soon notices that everyone is in on a dangerous secret, a secret that if they share, they end up dying as well. Mr. Fitzwilliam is about to get caught in something that could kill him as well. 1939 In this book, ten strangers are gathered at the same place for different reasons that are completely made up. They are "stranded" on an isolated island, hosted by a myserious host. Each one shares their secrets about their misdeeds and murders in the past and one by one, they die. It's strange to find out that there is no one else on this island, so they assume it must be one of them. Will they figure out who is on a killing spree, or will it be a mystery forever? 1940 1940 1941 1941 1942 1942 1942 1944 1944 1945 1946 1948 1949 1950 1951 1952
1952 1953 1953 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958 1959 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 Novels by Agatha Christie Short Stories Collection She has written over 160 short stories in her lifetime and over half of them in the 1920's. The main collections from the United States and the United Kingdom are: 1924 - Poirot Investigates
(11 in UK, 14 in US)
1929 - Partners in Crime
(15 short stories with Tommy and Tuppence)
1930 - The Mysterious Mr. Quin
(12 short stories)
1932 - The Thirteen Problems
(13 short stories with Miss Marple)
1933 - The Hound of Death
(12 stories in UK)
1934 - The Listerdale Mystery
(12 stories in UK)
1934 - Parker Pyne Investigates
(12 stories with Mr. Parker Pyne)
1937 - Murder in the Mews
(4 novellas, featuring Hercule Poirot)
1939 - The Regatta Mystery and Others
(9 stories in US)
1947 - The Labour of Hercules
(12 short stories)
1948 - The Witness for ther Prosecution and Others
(11 stories in US) 1950 - Three Blind Mice and Others
(9 stories in US)
1951 - The Under Dog and Others
(9 stories in US)
1960 - The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding
(6 stories in UK)
1961 - Double Sin and Others
(8 stories in US)
1971 - The Golden Ball and Others
(15 stories in US)
1974 - Poirot's Early Cases
(18 short stories)
1979 - Miss Marrple's Final Cases and Two Others
(8 stories in UK)
1991 - Problem at Pollensa Bay and Others
(8 stories in UK)
1997 - The Harlequin Tea Set
(9 short stories in US)
1997 - While the Light Lasts and Others
(9 stories in UK) Novels under the pen-name of Mary Westmacott 1930 1934 1944 1948 1952 1956 Plays 1930 - Black Coffee
1943 - And Then There Were None
1945 - Appointment with Death
1946 - Murder on the Nile
1951 - The Hollow
1952 - The Mousetrap
1953 - Witness for the Prosecution
1954 - Spider's Web
1956 - A Daughter's a Daughter
(written in the late 30's, turned into a Mary Westmacott novel) 1956 - Towards Zero
1958 - Verdict
1958 - The Unexpected Guest
1960 - Go Back for Murder
1962 - Rule of Three
(of Afternoon at the Seaside, The Rats and The Patient)
1972 - Fiddler's Three
(originally Fiddler's Five)
1973 - Akhnaton
(written in 1937)
2003 - Chimneys
(written in 1931, unperformed for 73 years) Radio Plays 1937 - The Yellow Iris
(based on same short story)
1947 - Three Blind Mice
(based on The Mousetrap)
1948 - Butter in a Lordly's Dish
1954 - Personal Call Television Plays 1937 - The Wasp's Nest
(based on same short story) Non-fiction 1946 - Come, Tell Me How You Live
1977 - Agatha Christie: An Autobiography 1890..../....1914........1916........1917........1918........1919........1922........1923........1924........1926........1928........1930........1931........1933........1934........1935........1936........1938........1940........1941........1942........1943........1944........1945........1946........1949........1950........1951........1955........1956........1958........1960........1962........1964........1965........1966........1967........1970........1971........1973........1974........1975........1976..../....2004 September 15
Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller is born August
Meets Archie Christie in Salisbury before leaving for war in France December 24
Archie is home for 3 days, Archie and Agatha get married December 26
Archie returns to France January
Archie earns bravery award January
First novel written January
Archie earns DSO medal February
Couple go on world tour December
After world tour, both are broke August 5
Rosalind Christie is born June
Brother Monty returns from African tour January
After much dispute with her publisher, she leaves after publishing 6 novels with this company February 1
Her mother Clarissa dies May 13
Employs Charlotte Fisher as secretary April 1
Archie and Agatha get divorced September 29
Monty dies December 3
Disappears for 11 days, was much talked about in the news, her car was found in a chalk pit, and was staying at a hotel under a different name February 1
Meets Max Mallowan June 1
Ventures into Radio at BBC, makes plays September 1
Marries Max March
Visits Middle East to reunite with Max, archeologist March
Takes personal journey to Middle East November
When in Syria with Max, she participates in a dig January
Lives in Chegar Bazar in Middle East in be in more digs June
More involved in digs and becomes official photographer June
Beloved dog, Peter dies of old age September
Christie purchases Greenway house in Devon, England June
Rosalind, only daughter, marries November
Last Poirot novel written February
Max leaves for Cairo, another dig October
Begins as playwright February
Greenway house used for protection during WW11 February
Pens novel Absent in the Spring in three days September 1
Grandson born, now Chairman of Agatha Christie Ltd. September 1
Hubert, Rosalind's husband was killed in WW11 November
Agatha quits writing to spend more time with daughter February 1
Greenway house given back to Christie September 9
4th Mary Westmacott novel written October 1
Rosalind marries Anthony September 15
Birthday gala for Agatha's 60th birthday July
The Mousetrap finally completed, longest continously run play in the world September
25th Anniversary of Max & Agatha January
Awarded Commander of British Empire by Queen April
The Mousetrap performed at a prison, 2 inmates escape September 15
70th Birthday celebrated with family and friends at Greenway August
Journey to Bayreuth December
Ex-husband Archie Christie dies March
Returns to Middle East September
After 15 years of writing, her autobiography is completed March
Max writes and publishes first novel June
Max is awarded a knight hood for his contributions to archeology March
Grandson marries October
Max suffer from a stroke while delivering a speech March
Visit to Austria September 15
80th birthday celebrated January
Appointed Dame Commander of British Empire June
Breaks hip, has to be taken into emergency care November
21st anniversary of The Mousetrap March
The Mousetrap moves to St. Martin's theatre August
Fictional character Poirot dies, is even featured in obituary in New York Times January 26
At 85 years, Agatha dies at Winterbrook House October 28
Only child, Rosalind dies at 85 also by natural causes pow... On today's menu,
One dead person with
12 stab wounds and
12 people on board A. B. C. then D. I. E. Right through the heart... a reflection of crimson blood... where am i? this could
be you... Resources:
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