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Ramada Hotel

No description

group 2

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Ramada Hotel


Expectations are made up of past experience, word-of-mouth and needs/wants of customers
Unless Gap 5 is kept under check, it may result in lost customers, bad reputation, negative corporate image.
Gap 1-Not knowing what customers expect

•Employees unable to perform the service at the desired level
•Poor internal organisation , inadequate teamwork, employees not motivated, poor supervision
•Failure to match supply and demand
•Customers unaware of roles and responsibilities

•Inability to translate customer expectations into clear quality specifications
•Lack of management commitment to service quality
•Customer expectations thought to be unreasonable or unfeasible
•Absence of a formal quality programme (guidelines, standards)
•Poor service design

•Over-promising in advertising, personal selling or physical evidence cues
•Management wants to show services offered in best possible light
•Insufficient communication between marketing/sales & operations
•Inadequate market research
•Poor market segmentation
•Lack of upward communication (contact employees to managers)
•Insufficient customer relationship focus
Gap 3 – Not delivering to service standards
Gap 2 – incorrect service design & standards
Gap 4 – Promises do not match performance
Gap 5-Differences between expected and percieved quality
Target audience
Relationship to products
Buyer Behavior
Age and education level have no influence on the expectation
First hotel – a 60-room facility – in U.S. 1954
The name "Ramada" is derived from the Spanish term "rama" (meaning branch)and was applied to temporary open air structures called Ramadas.
Under Isbell's leadership, Ramada grew into one of the nation's largest lodging chains during the 1960s and 1970s with 100 Ramada Inns in operation by 1964.
During the 1970s, Ramada expanded into worldwide operation by opening new hotels in various European nations and on other continents.
Ramada developed a chain of restaurants, which were located inside the hotels in 1980s.
Marketing mix in service sector
Marketing mix
Physical evidence
18-34 years old
Sales promotions
A promotion will be integrated in the campaign offering a package deal for 2 with full use of spa facilities at a competitive price
Publicity Stunt
Posters in Westminster tube station
30-second advert on the digital screens
Mascot aliens will hand out balloons and leaflets of the sales promotion for valentine’s weekend with a message “With love from Ramada”
Trafalgar Square
An alien flash mob will be held at the prime time of foot traffic through London city to generate a larger amount of awareness
Direct marketing
Direct marketing has been incorporated with the objective of collecting customer data and building on long term customer loyalty and generating leads for future sales

post a picture and description of a romantic gesture this year to win the valentine’s weekend away in a Ramada resort.

sales promotion - forefront
£20 a night through the Independant newspaper
900 hotels,57 countries
MEDC- more economically
developed countries
Conditions, space, functions, signs to create a holistic environment.
Wireless rooms
Inter Breakfast
Bathroom products
Luxury service
perception of value for money
2002-less about discounts
Physically comfortable environment
Ramada’s main competitors
Premier Inn
Business community - conference rooms - Business trip
Thank you for listening !

Do you have any questions?

Premier Inn
-My Premier Inn
-Bussines Accounts
-Lenny Henry
Holiday Inn
-IHG - 'priority points'
Hilton- Hilton HHonors
Ramada - Wyndham hotel groups awards
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