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Critical incidents in ELT

No description

Eduardo Hernández

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of Critical incidents in ELT

Critical incidents in ELT initial teacher training 1. Any unplanned event that occurs during class What is a critical incident? Language proficiency During the writing activity, a student constantely used an electronic dictonary every time the teacher spoke.
Student was not participating in the games where his classmates were enthusiastic. He felt frustrated at being unable to undesrtand teacher's instructions. What would you do? The most impotant is to change the negative perception about English language with the support of his classmates. The study took place in Singapore with eighteen trainee teachers who were teaching in a secondary school as part of their training as English language teacher. Case of study Class participation In a singing activity two students were relectants to participate even though the instructions were given to all students.

What would you do? Phases Observe the incident Document the incident Explain the incidents in terms of its value He persuaded them to come forward
He integrated them into the group
He guided them step by step Thank you Critical incidents in ELT initial teacher training Categories of critical incidents •Language proficiency
•Class participation
•Classroom space
•Lesson objectives
•Classroom activities
•Attention spans
•Additional class assistance 2. Any 'vividly remembered event which is unplanned and unanticipated’ Thomas S.C. Farrell 'What happened' Why it happened Why they can do in order to reach their goals When an incident occurs, at first sight, it can be seen as typical or normal, but it can become critical through analysis. Another student was unable to express his ideas clearly in English and invariably ended up speaking Mandarin What would you do? asdsadasdsdd
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