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Life Doesn't Frighten Me

No description

veronica martins

on 10 June 2015

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Transcript of Life Doesn't Frighten Me

Sound Devices
The sound devices for the poem is repetition and onomatopoeia . It's repetition because it keeps on repeating "Doesn't frighten me at all " . The speaker repeats this because she wants to make it clear that she is not afraid of anything. It's onomatopoeia because in stanza 3, lines one through two it said "I go boo Make them shoo" , they both have the oo sound in the words boo and shoo.
I think the poem "Life Doesn't Frighten Me" means that this person is not afraid of the scary things that try to scare them in their life.
Maya Angelou was born in St.Louis in Missouri at 1928 . She spent most of her childhood with her grandmother in Arkansas . She was treated differently because she would be separated from white people at the time . Maya would express herself by describing her hard times in her poems . When she was a teenager she moved to California, and a couple years later she gave birth to a boy who she named named Guy Johnson. Maya Angelou struggled to provide for herself and her son because she was fighting for the equality of black people.
The Rhyme Scheme
Figurative Language
The figurative language for this poem is hyperbole because, in the poem it says, " I can walk the ocean floor and never have to breath." [stanza seven, lines thirty nine through forty ] That's impossible because, you can't breath or walk underwater if you are a human. She's trying to prove that she can do anything and isn't afraid.
Life Doesn't Frighten Me By: Mirian Martins
Maya Angelou's Biography
The Tone
The Mood
The Theme
The theme is when a person has courage, they can block the scary things that want to tear them down in their life to go away.
The tone is courageous because in stanza three, in lines one and two it said "I go boo make them shoo..." and in lines five through six it said , "...I won't cry so they fly..." On stanza 3 lines seventeen through eighteen , it shows a courageous tone because, " I go boo make them shoo ..." means you scare them away , and ..."I won't cry so they fly ..." means someone tries to make you cry, but you don't cry, so they go away .
The mood for the poem is fearless because he or she is telling us what they are not afraid of life .
The imagery for this poem is sight, sound , and touch . It's sound because stanza one , in lines one through six it said, "Noise down the hall " and, " Bad dogs barking loud". It's sight because in stanza one and two, lines five through twelve it said " Big ghost in a cloud ", "Mean old mother goose Lions on the loose " and, "Dragons breathing flame". It's touch because in stanza four and five , lines twenty two through thirty two it' said, " Tough guys in a fight " and, "Boy's all pull my hair ".
There is no rhyme scheme in the poem, but there are rhyming lines.
"Life Doesn't Frighten Me at All" is about a girl that isn't afraid of anything. Maya Angelou had a difficult life which probably taught her to not be afraid. She wrote this poem because she was trying to show black people their rights, and that they shouldn't be afraid.
My poem
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