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Personal Reflections

No description

Iluminada Ortega Rodríguez

on 8 December 2013

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Transcript of Personal Reflections

Digital Storytelling for Teachers
Personal Reflections
My favourite task
Completing a storyboard for a short film.
I found it really challenging and it took me hours to think about the characters, dialogues, sounds, narration and so on, but I think the result was worth it.

I think this activity can be a very good assignment for students at intermediate and advanced levels.

A complex activity like this will need a lot of preparation, but will also imply a lot of speaking and writing practice if you organize it in small groups.

Students will need to agree on many different aspects, even if they decide to divide the different tasks.

Once the storyboard is complete,
they can make short videos for
the different frames as we had to do.

I’m sure they’ll find this really motivating
because it will be something they have
completely created themselves.
My favourite tool
I have to say that I didn’t know there were
so many great tools and applications available.
I’ve enjoyed myself using:

- Voki
- Comicshead
- GoAnimate
- Storybird
- Animoto
But I also have to admit that it
hasn’t been easy at times...

Anyway, if I had to choose one, probably it would be Padlet, because, it’s really simple but it allows you to use it in many different ways: as a noticeboard, to share or present contents or to create different kinds of collaborative tasks.

It’s really amazing how easily you can upload images, videos, files…
Another great thing about it, is that students don’t need to register. You just need to give them the url.
Apart from chain stories like the one I created for the course, these are some examples of other activities you can do with it:
You can use it as a noticeboard to announce important things.
You can upload a video, photo or text for them to comment.
You can ask students to write short reviews about a text or book they had to read in class.
They can use it to give recommendations: best restaurants in their area, best accommodation, best pubs and clubs…
They can create a tourist brochure.
They can write their own cookery book adding different recipes.
They can use it to post videos they’ve created.
They can use it as a digital newspaper.

Some Key Ideas
Well, as I mainly teach adults and I have no children, I have to admit that I had never paid attention to the dangers that using an incredible
tool such as the Internet could imply,
especially for children.

Another interesting thing about
the first module was learning about Creative Commons licenses, something really important when using content created by others or when creating your own contents.

The section about sharing stories through comics made me think about a different approach to writing activities. Nowadays many students have problems to write, especially long texts.

Using comics you allow them to express themselves more easily with the help of images and shorter texts. Also, I love the idea of using them to support literacy, since they can simplify complex texts or ideas.

My favourite module was
the one about collaborative storytelling.
Writing chain stories is an activity
I usually do with my students
and it always works really well.
Using tools such as Padlet will make it
much more attractive for them.

I also found really interesting the different projects we had to evaluate. I think students will be really motivated if they could share things with people all over the world and get to know about other cultures. It’s a great way of using the language they’re learning in a real context and with a clear purpose
The last module has been quite revealing.
I’m not a big fan of mobile devices, but, being aware of the many possibilities they offer to language teaching and learning has changed my perspective.

My Pinterest Board
I really enjoyed using GoAnimate in the Video storytelling module.
I never thought creating short videos could be so engaging, especially with a tool that offers you so many options.

Iluminada Ortega Rodríguez
Digital Storytelling for Teachers
Personal Reflections
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