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Integers Used in Daily life

No description

Albert Forsyth

on 21 June 2013

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Transcript of Integers Used in Daily life

Integers in daily life
You can use negative integers in real life
like in jobs. For example cashiers, funeral directors, computer programers, aircraft pilots and many more.
Or climbing a Mountain or using a submarine
You can ride with your car over
the speed limit or under the speed limit
for example (+15km/hr) or (-10Km/hr)
Where can we use negative integers
In daily life
Games and sports
You can use it in golf
There more than 77 jobs you use them
Web Pages
The End
We can use negative numbers and integers in jobs like in a job of food manager or any job that you keep track of the finance situation
Also statisticians that make surveys and experiments. Also they collect information and predict the status of the economy
In when you are over weight or under weight. For example (+15kg)
or (-28kg)
And may other ways
It can be used gambling like you have 18$.Next you win 2$ (positive) and then you lose 10$ (negative)
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