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9 Step Design Process

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Jeff Herold

on 2 December 2012

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Transcript of 9 Step Design Process

Design Process What is design? Design is a creative planning process that leads to useful systems and products.Requirements of a design are made up of criteria and constraints. In design, there is not one perfect design. What is the Design Process? The Design Process is a technological problem solving process that has a purposeful method of planning practical solutions to problems.It is influenced by criteria and constraints Define the Problem You have to examine your evidence and form conclusions from the conducting work Designing a pencil that is safe for the environment Example Involves bringing a group of people together to generate different ideas Brainstorm Your thoughts:
"Let's make a shoe that can talk"
"Let's make shoes with air vents"
"Let's make a robot that can read your mind." Example Research Requires going to the library, using computers, writing letters to experts, perform experiments, and asking questions Use:
Ask experts for help Example In this phase you develop multiple ideas that will solve the problem. You also have to meet the criteria and the requirements Develop ideas Ask questions:
"What materials do I need?"
"What should it look like?"
"Will it be completed by the deadline?"
"What size should it be?" Example Decide on an idea that best meets the criteria and fit the constraints. This idea should also have the least amount of negative characteristics. Choose the Best Idea In this phase you have to list all the strengths in the product and all the weaknesses so that you can improve it Examples A model or prototype is used to gather additional information or to test design ideas for other experiments Model or Prototype Drawings or renderings
Scale models or mockups
3D cad objects in action
Prototype Examples Models of design solutions should be tested. Questions must be answered during evaluation Test and Evaluate You have to determine or test whether the product is: Examples Safe
Looking good
Comfortable Long lasting
Meeting criteria
Meeting constraints
Working properly Improve Design Before a product begins- It is time to improve a design.
You may have to consider new ideas or some innovations for this phase Examples You may need to make some changes after studying all test data and evaluating design solutions Share your design ideas with others to prove that the design is worthy of manufacturing and selling Communicate Results Posters
Prototypes Examples You can advertise with: Power points
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