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Apley Castle

No description

Amanda Brown

on 16 October 2014

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Transcript of Apley Castle

The daily routine for a lord was to appoint officals to make sure villagers carried out there jobs. The lords also had to manage and defend his land and the people who worked it.
Lords answered to the Monarchs. The people the lords are most in contact with is the Monarchs. The Lords report to the monarchs because the monarchs are higher than the lords in the in the soical class.
The skills that are required for my job are you need to be responsible, need to watch over the land. The lords also need to make sure the villagers do there duties and take care of the people who work the land
I became this postion because I was born into it.
Image by Tom Mooring
Apley Castle
Jordan, Christian, Amanda, Triston
The daily life of a Medieval Knight starts at dawn when Mass would be heard and prayers would be made. After having breakfast, Medieval Knights would engage in weapons practice at the Quintain and Pell. Later, the Medieval Knight will discuss on warfare strategy and increasing his knowledge of siege warfare and weapons. Shortly after that, he will have a mid-day prayers and meal. Then, the Medieval period progressed the society changed becoming more refined and elegant. Medieval Knights were expected to understand the rules and Code of Chivalry and the art of Courtly Love. Time might be spent on dance practice. Later in the afternoon, he turned into increasing his skills in horsemanship and would accompany his lord in hunting, hawking, or inspecting the estate. Finally, evening prayers and meal came, after that, there may be some entertainment - music, dancing, jugglers, acrobats, Jesters, etc. Last but not least, bedtime prayers before going to bed. Medieval Knights answer to their Lords, who trains them how to become a knight. Knights were closely related to horses, this is because a knight mounted on a horse was a very dangerous force to be feared. There are many skills required for a Medieval Knight. Most main skill for knights were to be able to fight in battles, knights also needed to have the skill of horsemanship, tactics, etc. Finally, how did Medieval Knights become who they are is that they were born by a Medieval Knight, that means they have to be a Medieval Knight, they have no other options but to be a Medieval Knight.
-Most peasants kept to themselves until they went to the lord's mill to grind their crops, which included wheat, barley, and vegetables. Meat from pigs, chickens, and occasionally goats, were for special occasions only.
-All peasants were born into their job . They had to develop skills in the fields.
-Women could be called upon to be nannies for the lord's and lady's heirs.
The daily life of a monarch is pretty busy most of the time. We have to keep order of our land and make sure we keep up with our taxes. We would also have to keep everyone in order because we have so many people in our manor and jobs that need to be done. I honestly don't answer to anyone because I'm at the top of the feudal system. But, I still have to keep in association with everyone. I think I'm pretty much in contact with the lord of our castle the most. He is like my governor because I am the president. He helps me keep order of everyone and make sure everyone does there job. He also helps out a lot around the house. There are many skills I must contain so I can rule. I have to be wealthy enough to have my own army and contribute to keep everyone on task. Finally, i became what i am because someone in my family was a monarch before my family. So once the monarch in my era died, I became the monarch. We have no choice but to be who we are, but, a monarch is a monarch and that's all.
-While the monarchs and lords owned the land, if peasants were displeased enough they would revolt. The peasants held the real power.
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