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How to Pass the Math SOL

You can do it!

Kathy Woodard

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of How to Pass the Math SOL

the Math SOL How to Pass The Weeks Before the Test The Night before the Test Get enough sleep:
get your brain
ready to do its best During the Test Start smart:
make a multiplication chart
on your scratch paper
before you begin Pay attention in class Try your best, and ask questions if
you don't understand Do your homework The Morning of the Test Eat breakfast
at home or school:
food is fuel
for your brain Pack a healthy snack:
fruit, pretzels, crackers,
nuts, a sandwich, dry
cereal, granola bar Show your work:
you will get better answers
& they give points for
work shown Read
& Re-
read Draw
picture Be Wise Highlight Key
words & numbers Think about
the problem Show your work! Draw
on your
screen or paper. Use your online tools Pen Highlighter Formula Sheet X-er Line Tool Compass What if I get stuck on a problem? Don't freak out, it happens to everyone. After you have tried all the strategies, mark it to return to and go on to the next problem. When you are done the rest of the problems in that section, come back and try the problem again. Try it a different way this time. you can do it! Secret Tips Guess and Check Pick an answer and
try it to see if
it works! Look for trickster words! Look out for words like: not except false What makes sense? Think about it.
Estimate before you
find the exact answer. Plan your steps Many problems
take more than one
step to solve.

So make a plan:
1. add these 2. divide by 5 Make a list. Day Miles Traveled
1 75
2 150
3 225
4 300 Draw a Picture It is not art class,
just make
boxes, lines
label them with numbers. by Mathy Kathy Woodard Whooooo
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