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This is my Bible presentation.

giavanna locicero

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of Joshua

The Book of Joshua
Joshua Ch. 1
Josh1: The LORD said to Joshua, "Arise, cross into the promise land. Be strong and courageous." So Joshua told the officers to prepare to cross the Jordan.

The Lord spoke to Joshua and told him that Moses had died and he shall cross the Jordan River.
They would go into the promise land. The Lord tells Joshua that he is with them where ever they go.
Joshua commanded to all of the officers of the people to cross the Jordan.
Joshua Ch. 2
Josh2: Joshua sent two spies to Jericho. A prostitute called Rahab hid them, so they promised to save her family. They returned to Joshua.
Joshua sent out two spies to go and view the land. He wanted them to especially see Jericho. The men set out and came to the house of a harlot named Rahab. The king wanted her to bring him the men but she hid them and told the king they had left. She new that God was the real God. She asked if the spies could spare her family's life.
Joshua Ch. 3
Josh3: The Israelites camped by the Jordan. When the priests carrying the ark reached the river it stopped. they crossed over opposite of Jericho.

All of the people including Joshua set out of Acacia Grove and lodged by the Jordan. The priests were to cross the river with the ark and the people would follow. Joshua told them to sanctify themselves. They were to chose one person from each tribe to carry the ark. As soon as the men carrying the ark hit the water the water would stop.
Crossing the Jordan
The spies at Rahab's house
The Jordan River
Joshua Ch. 4
Josh4: The LORD told Joshua to set up memorial stones from the Jordan. When the priests brought the ark up to the bank the waters returned.
The Lord spoke to Joshua and told him to choose twelve men. One from every tribe. They shall gather twelve stones from the midst of the Jordan and place them where they would camp that night. About forty thousand people where prepared to cross over and fight for God. When the feet of the preists touched dry land the water returned.
The men set up the twelve stones
Joshua Ch. 5
Josh5: The LORD told Joshua to circumcise the men. They called the place Gilgal. Joshua met the commander of the LORD's army and bowed down.
Description :
All the kings of the Amorites ans Canaanites located by the sea heard what had happend. Their hearts melted from the news.The Lord spoke to Joshua and told him to circumcise the sons of Isreal. The place of where they camped was then named Gilgal. The commander of the army of the lord appeared to Joshua. Joshua bowed down to him.
The Promise Land
The commander of the Lord appeared
Description :
Now that the people were by Jericho the gates of Jericho were locked up. The Lord spoke to Joshua saying... march around the city once for six days. There shall be trumpets of rams horns before the ark. After they shout on the seventh day the walls will fall. They shall not speak or shout till Joshua told them to.
The two men in which were spies went to Rahabs house to retrive her and her relatives. Then they burned the whole city with fire. The Lord was with Joshua.
The collapsed walls of Jericho
Joshua Ch. 7
Josh7: Achan took some banned items. When the army went against Ai they were defeated. The LORD identified Achan and the people stoned him.
Description :
The children of Isreal commited a tresass. The Lord became angry. Joshua sent men to Ai to seek out the land. People were sent to fight. Ai struck down 36 men of Isreal. Joshua asked the Lord why this had happend. God told Joshua to stop being pathetic. The children of Isreal were doomed to destruction. Joshua awoke early to talk to Achan.
Joshua Ch. 6
Josh6: The LORD said that the army should march around Jericho. On the seventh day they shouted and the walls fell. They destroyed the city.
Defeated by Ai
Author: Joshua
Joshua Ch. 8
Josh8: The LORD told Joshua to take the army against Ai. They set up an ambush and destroyed the city. Joshua read out the book of the law.
Description :
The Lord told Joshua to take all of the people of war he had to Ai. Joshua arose and chose thirty thousand mighty men and sent them away at night. They would create an ambush and sieze the city. When the time would come they would set the city on fire. Joshua and all Isreal went to the opposite side of Ai then the men. Him and the rest of Isreal acted afraid.
Description :
They fled the way of the wilderness to trap them. The Lord told Joshua to hold his spear torwards the city. As soon as he did the men attacked and set the city on fire. The people of Ai were trapped with Joshua and the others on one side and the mighty men on the other. After the defeat Joshua built an alter and renewed the Covenant with the Lord.
Isreal defeated Ai
The End! Thanks for watching!
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