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Free Digital Resources

No description

Sally Lambert-Warfield

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Free Digital Resources

Resources Organize Create Produce WorkFlowy: Silly name, simple concept. Organize thoughts and ideas in a convenient to-do list format
Kinda like this! https://workflowy.com LucidChart: Cheaper than Visio...because it's free. Map web sites, web forms, database and work flow. https://www.lucidchart.com/‎ Join.Me Not nearly as creepy as it sounds! I think we can all agree that go to meeting is ridiculously expensive when you need to do just a few video conferences. If you don't mind some mild advertising, join.me does a great job, for free! https://join.me/ http://www.niice.co/ Niice: Get inspired! Occasionally everyone needs a little inspiration. For no cost. Chrome Apps: Hanging out in your browser, being free. You have a variety of resources for free, right inside your Chrome browser. Let's check out Mural.ly Research Tutorials: For when you have no idea what's going on right now. Tuts+ A little of everything for every level. Photoshop
Web Development
Web Design (there's a difference!
Illustrator and Vector design
Audio and Production
Adobe After Effects
Mobile Development
Mac & OS X
General Creativity Creativity! http://bit.ly/12xO7AC
Useful hints and tricks! http://bit.ly/1926gfc Art! http://bit.ly/119Bucp In depth tutorials for the pros! http://bit.ly/16KZPyv Computer
Arts by: Sally Lambert-Warfield Mostly for intermediate to advanced learners, but with a great breadth and depth of resources. Bring a retail brand to life: http://bit.ly/18gpWup Create a pop art vector graphic: http://bit.ly/ZbP3OA
What's really great... Each tutorial includes:
software requirements
time requirements
skills learned Adobe Alternatives Fight the man, 'shop for free. Prezi: Hint! You're doing it right now. Pixlr Editor: Lots of Photoshop functionality. Also available as a Chrome App. Plus, other Pixlr tools have useful functions as well. Acorn: Really great if you have a Mac. Gimp: Incredibly awkward, incredibly free. Infographics How to make Infographics cheap & easy! Visual.ly Lots of great examples and free download of your graphics. http://bit.ly/10jREVs Other options: http://www.easel.ly/ http://infogr.am/ Adobe Additives Too late, I drank the Kool-Aid. Plugins: Add free functionality to your Adobe products. http://css3ps.com/

http://lumens.se/tychpanel/ Actions, brushes, templates. Go crazy. I'd prefer my presentations not move quite so much, thanks. No judgement. Here's some tools: http://slideshare.com

Google Slides (it's a Chrome App) What about social media? Hootsuite: Coordinate your messaging! https://hootsuite.com/ Instagram Alternatives For when your photos are snapped by Creative Services instead of your Smartphone. Chrome Apps: Are you surprised? You shouldn't be! Let's look at PicMonkey! Brief Detour
Web Design Not everyone here does it, but you could stand to know about it. Firefox Extensions: Surprise! It's a whole 'nother browser! Let's look at Firebug! Keeping track of color palettes: A lot harder than it has to be. http://www.colourlovers.com/ http://bit.ly/16OfQTN The world of web fonts: Thanks, Google! Chrome Apps: Not exactly entirely free (a free trial). Let's look at Balsamiq Mockups! http://issuu.com/ Issuu: Easy and free digital publication. If you have a great print publication you want to make accessible online (for free) try Issuu. Blog and website creation: It doesn't have to be six figures. Wordpress
Joomla! Bootstrap
Drupal Data, data, data: Get that feedback. https://workflowy.com Google Analytics: Know your web constituency! Facebook Insights: Know your social constituency! Google Chrome Apps: Build web forms, make surveys. Nonprofit resources: Why? Even less money than us. http://bit.ly/13IlLTA Benchmarking Studies: Nonprofit Tech 2.0: http://www.e-benchmarksstudy.com/ Join the online community: Blogs and online mags are your friends. Smashing Magazine: Computer Arts: http://bit.ly/14RDjz9 See: the Create section for more info. http://bit.ly/10RdWNU Google Sites Any Questions?
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