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Animal Farm

No description

Jenna Hess

on 27 May 2010

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Transcript of Animal Farm

Animal Farm Characters Mr. Jones- Czar Nicholas II - he is the owner of Manor Farm and he a cruel, drunk farmer Old Major- Karl Marx- he was the wise pig that statrted this rebellion by sharing a dream that he had that showed the animals in a world with no human and the animals ruled. Moses- Russian Orthodox Church- he is the raven that is the pet and spy for Mr. Jones. Moses causes trouble by telling the animals that there is a place that they can be free and have all the food they want (Sugarcandy Mountain). Animal Rebellion- Russian Revolution 1917- this is want the animals call animalism and the rising of there power. Napoleon- Joseph Stalin- he is one of the leaders that helps keep the farm in order by being in charge of the milk and training the newborn puppies. Snowball- Leon Trotsky- Snowball is one of the leaders on the farm he is in charge of reading and writing and the defensive attacks they made and when there is a problem Snowball is the on to fix the problem. Squealer- pravda- he is another pig on the farm, but this pig is not a big leader on the farm. He is the pig the gets to do all of Snowball and Napoleon's dirty work. He is also the one that tells the animals that the pigs need the apples and milk the keep Jones away. Napoleon's Dogs- Secret Police- these are the puppies that Napoleon takes away from their mother to teach them how to read and write and get them strong enough so they can help on the farm too. Foxwood Farm(Pilkington)- this farm owner thinks it is a joke that the animals can rebell and this farm also is the one that Mollie gives into and goes to live on. Pinchfield Farm(Frederick)- this is the other farm that thinks that the rebellion of Manor farm is a joke and they also help fight back against the animals on Manor Farm. Battle of Cowshed-Anti- Revolutionary Invasion of Russia- This is the battle that takes place on the farm and it is when Mr. Jones and other farmers fight back to try to get the farm back in their controll, but fail. Mollie- Bourgeoisie- Mollie is one of the horses that is having a hard time letting go of the connection to the humans. She is one of the lazy animals on the farm and later breaks and goes and joins the Foxwood Farm. Boxer- Dedicated, tricked supporters- he is one of the strong animals and horses on the farm. He is a dedicated and hard worker he works extra time when the other animals are done. He get tricked into thinking it is ok to kill humans by Snowball, but is still scarredfrom almost doing so. Benjamin- Skeptical Russians and outsiders- Benjamin is one of the smarter animals on the farm, but chooses not to show it. Benjamin is one of the animals that does his work and if there is a problem he keeps to himself, and just says, "Donkeys live a long life." Chapter 1:

Old major has a dream and wants to share it with the animals on the farm.
The dream is about a world were animals are free and there are no humans to control them.
They recognize all of the characters and what their jobs are and there connection in the rebellion.
From Old Major's dream comes a song called the Beast of England which comes the farm's inspiration for this rebellion.
Old Major tries to show the animals of how bad the farm is by telling them the hard work they do and get very little for it.
Old Major tells them that the only waythis will work is by telling them that theyhave to work together and also that they have to spread the word about the rebellion to other animals.
He also states some rules or the rebellion will not work. For example:to do nothing man does; smoke,trade, sleep in beds, or wear clothes.
That all animals are comrades and the only enemy is toward MAN and all his ways.
Old Major describes of how Mr Jones lives a happy and lazy life while they have to work for everything and even their lives.
Old Major opens the animals eyes by telling them that this farm and land is theirs more than Jones because without them the farm couold not function.
Chapter 2

In this chapter the new leaders are recognized which are the pigs Snowball and Napoleon.
The pigs formulated the teachings of Old Major into a system which they now call Animalism.
Some animals cause problems on whether to rebel because they are worried about food and other things that they got from the humans and are wondering on how the would get these things.
In this chapter Moses the raven tries to seperate the animals by saying that there is a Sugar Cane Mt. that gives them everything that they want.
They also set the rebellion into action by chasing Mr. Jones off the farm after he chooses not to feed the animals.
The animals decide to make the farm house into a museum and that no animals shall live there.
In this chapter the pigs taught themselves how to read and write.
They formulate Seven Commandments out of Old Major's dream.
The pigs stole the milk from the other animals after they milked the cows without anyone noticing.
They changed the name Manor Farm by painting over it and writing Animal Farm. Chapter 3

The animals prove that they were faster at their jobs then when humans did it and that they work better together.
In this chapter the lazy workers are pointed out who are Mollie and the cat.
Napoleon took the puppies away from their mother to further their reading and strengthen them.
Problems are now evolving on the farm with Snowball and Napoleon.
The pigs use Squealer to do their dirty work by telling the animals that the pigs need the milk and apples.
Boxer shows his strength and hard work which the other animals look up to.
In this chapterthe animals create a flag that represents the future of the Republic of the Animals.
The pigs try and teach the rest of the farm to read and write but do not accomplish much.
After the rebellion animals seem more determined to prove themselves by working harder.
Snowball tries to organize committees but does not succeed because of Napoleon.
The animals have a hard time learning the Seven Commandments so they make it easier by saying, "Four legs good, two legs bad". Chapter 4

The animals started spreading the news about the rebellion by sending pigeons to mingle with the other farms.
Jones decides to try and take back Manor Farm from the animals with the help of Pilkington and Frederick.
Snowball gets smarter by learning battle techniques from a book of Julius Caesar's campaigns that he got out of the farm house.
The Battle of Cowshed happens and Snowball get grazed and a lot of sheep get killed.
Boxer starts to feel something for the humans after he almost killed one of them in the battle.
Snowball tries to make Boxer feel better by saying that the only good human is a dead one.
They have a ritual after the Battle that rewards the animals who died and got injured by giving out medals.
The animals succeed at defending the Animal Farm and chase away Jones once again.
Jones leaves his gun behind so the animals decide that the gun will be shot twice a year one for Oct. 12 and one for the anniversary of the Rebellion.
The Beasts of England traveled to other farms and those animals were whipped and punished if caught dancing or singing the song of rebellion. Chapter 5

Mollie betrays Animal Farm by letting one of Pilkington's men pet her nose and later she leaves.
Napoleon and Snowball agrue about building a windmill and using electricity.
The agruements become so bad that they ask the animals to vote for a leader.
The animals were no help in the voting because they always agreed with who ever was talking.
Napoleon was getting mad and frustrated so he made the puppies now dogs that he took away fromt heir mother attack Snowball and chase him off the farm.
Napoleon made some changes now that Snowball was gone like no more Sunday meetings.
Napoleon sent Squealer to convince that he was the better choice not Snowball because he was a traitor.
Once Squealer started saying bad things about Snowball agruements broke out amongest the animals.
Boxer defended Snowball but then just agreed to what ever Napoleon says must be right.
If anyone tried to speak their minds Napleon's dogs would stop them.
Chapter 6

Now that there is no Sunday meetings the animals now have to work and if they do not their food will get cut.
The animals have trouble because they have no way to break the stones to build the windmill.
In this chapter the pigs try and show that they are helpful and do their share of the work on the farm too.
The pigs break one of Old Major's rules which was never to trade which they do so they can get the food and other materials that they need.
After a terrible storm the animals wake up to see that the windmill fell and is broken. Napoleon tells them that Snowball didi it.
The pigs now are sleeping in the beds in the farm house which bothers Clover.
When Clover thinks the pigs are breaking a law she asks Muriel to read it to her and she does not realize that it has changed now added with sheets.
Napoleon makes a death sentence to Snowball and offers half a bushel of apples if he is dead and a full bushel if they bring him alive.
Napoleon tells the animals that they will build another windmill so that Snowball does not get the satisfaction.
The way that Napoleon starts to trade is by having a human named Whymper which the animals do not like or understand trade for them.
Chapter 7

The animals now have a deadline that they have to finish the windmill before winter and the humans believe the windmill was not broken because of Snowball but because the walls were thin.
Napoleon ordered to fill the empty food bins with sand and then cover the tops with the food so that Whymper will not see how low they were on food and how bad they were struggling.
Squealer announced that the hens had to give up their eggs for trade.
The hens cried murder to Squealer and Napoleon and rebelled by flying up on the rafters to lay their eggs which rolled off and broke so Napoleon did not get them.
Napoleon was having a hard time deciding to sell this pile of timber that they found on the farm to either Frederick or Pilkington.
There were rumors of Snowball hiding on one of the neighboring farms and comes back at night and messes with everything which makes Napoleon's decisions even harder.
Squealer announced that Snowball was a traitor all along and was always on Jones side even during the Battle of Cowshed.
Boxer defends Snowball but then realizes that what ever Napoleon says must be right.
Napoleon orders a meeting where the dogs attack the other pigs because he said that animals on the farm are keeping in touch with Snowball.
Suddenly the pigs were killed and others that later stepped up and confessed there crimes that they were helping snowball too.
A lot of animals died that night by Napoleon's dogs and all the animals were shocked about the traitors on the farm and the killings.
Boxer did not understand but agreed that there must be something wrong with them and that they should fix it and work harder.
Later Squealer showed up while the animals were singing the Beasts of England and ordered them to stop. They were confused and he just tells them that it is a song of rebellion and that the rebellion is complete. Chapter 8

No animals care to mention the commandment about killling animals becaus eno one thought that it connected to the commandment.
When Clover asked Muriel to read the Sixth Commandment she did not notice that "with cause" was added to the commandment.
Everyone was told that Snowball gave himself the medals and then just spread that news around the farm.
The animals were scared because there was a rumor that Frederick was going to attack the farm.
There was another rumor going around that Snowball was on a mission to murder Napoleon.
Napoleon takes extreme caution when he hears of this by letting another pig named Pinkeye taste all his food and having 4 dogs guard his bed at night.
Later Napoleon decides to sell the pile of timber to Frederick for banknotes which angers Pilkington.
Later Napoleon finds out that the banknotes are fake and sold the timber for nothing and that Frederick and his men are on their way to attack the farm.
When they find this out they send pigeons to Pilkington to tell him and ask him for help but he just replies, "serves you right".
During the fight some animals were killed and most of Frederick's men were injured so bad they started to retreat and while hiding blow up the windmill.
Napoleon names this battle the Battle of the Windmill and tries to calm down the angry and upset animals by saying that it was a victory and if they need to they will keep building the windmill over and over again to prove that they cannot be beaten. Chapter 9

Boxer is weakened from the Battle of the Windmill and is thinking of retirement.
The animals are starting to notice the food shortage and starting to second think their choices but Squealer fixes it by saying that they are just making readjustments.
The pigs population on the farm are increasing a lot. ( 31 new piglets)
Besides the windmill Napoleon ordered that a school house was to be built for the piglets teachings.
Now there are Spontaneous Demonstrations to show hard work that they did on the farm and it is also to show how the farm would not function without the pigs.
The farm is now republic so they elect a president who was Napoleon.
Boxer is weakened from the last battle and later falls because of it Napoleon says he has to go to a doctor because they can help him better.
Later the truck comes to take Boxer away all of the animals start saying their good-byes but Benjamin yells at them because no one realizes that they are sending him to a horse slaughter they try to warn Boxer but fail.
The pigs try to avoid the problem by saying that the doctor bought the truck from a horse slaughter they just forgot the change the truck.
The animals believe the pigs' story and Squealer later tells that Boxer died at the doctor and they cannot return his remains and the animals did not agrue because they want to believe that he died happy.
The pigs use Boxer's death to strengthen there controll over the farm by giving him a funeral and making him a wreath for his grave also by saying that his last words were Napoleon is always right and that they should work hard for his memory.
Chapter 10

Years have passed on Animal Farm and only a few animals are left of the original Animal Farm and no one had ever retired.
Napoleon is now a mature boar. Squealer is so fat that he has difficulty seeing out of his eyes.
The farm now possesses 3 new horses. They are upstanding beasts, willing workers, and good comrades but stupid. They accepted everything that was told to them about the Rebellion,especially from Clover who they respect very much.
The windmill was now complete but was not being used for electrical power like it was made for but for milling corn instead.
The animals tried to remember if there life before was better. Squealer stated that there life on the farm will get better.
Benjamin remembered details of his life to know that things never had been, nor ever could be much better or much worse - hunger, hardship, and diappiontment being and that it was the unalterable law of life.
One day Clover called every one over to her to see the pigs filing out of the farmhouse on their hind legs and Napoleon carrying a whip in his trotter.
Squealer was taking the sheep away before the hind leg walking and taught them to say,"Four legs good, two legs better" for when they did walk on their hind legs.
Clover led Benjamin over to the wall that held the 7 Commandments so he coulld read it to her but all it said now was,"All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others."
Later the pigs invited humans over to inspect the farm and Mr. Pilkington gave a toast to Animal Farm for what he saw and for how impressed he was, but Napoleon changed the toast by saying the name was to be changed to Manor Farm and that it always will be Manor Farm.
They were playing cards and a pig and man both drew an ace and they both started fighting. The animals who were watching could not tell the difference between the pigs and the men anymore.
One reason that Animal Farm is allegory is because Animal Farm talks about animals rebelling and the struggles they have along the way. Animal Farm has a story behind it because each character and problems that they face relate to a person and problem in the Russian Revolution of 1917. Fable
A way that Animal Farm is fable is that is tells us not to believe everything you hear because it is not always right. This is shown in the story by the animals believing everything that the pig tells them. So this story is a fable by using moral lessons throughout the book. Satire
A way that Animal Farm is a satire is throughout the book there are incidents that make fun of people by using animals and quotes. For example they make fun of the lower class by calling them sheep and by showing in the book that they do everything that they are told to do never thinking for themselves. Big Picture Questions
1. If Benjamin is equally smart as the pigs why not speak up or at least take his friends and go off and rebell some where else?
2. Once they see Squealer with paint and a ladder changing the Commandments why doesn't Benjamin tell the animals what he was doing and confront him about it because they cannot kill everyone or there farm will be useless?
3. When Napoleon's dogs killed the pigs for speaking up and telling how they were helping Snowball why did the other animals speak up because there was no way Napoleon would have known and they could have lived?
4. After Napoleon was tricked by Frederick why did he still keep in contract and hang out with humans?
5. After disagreeing with Snowball and urinating on the blueprints for the windmills why in the end would Napoleon order for it to be built and when built use it for something else? Russian Revolution of 1917
The Revolution was caused by many things such as economic, social, and political causes. The 1905 Russsian Revolution was a mass unrest in several parts of the Russian Empire, which was, though not entirely, directed at the government. It resulted in constitutional monarchy and multi-party system in Russia. Almost a decade later, the Russian Revolution of 1917 created a similar picture of social unrest in the nation. Two of the most prominent incidents of the Russian Revolution of 1917 came in March and October respectively. In March 1917, the Russian Provisional Government took the reins in its own hand after the Czar was removed. In October of the same year, the Provisional Governement was replaced by the Bolsheviks. What we refer to as the third Russian Revolution was in fact a failed attempt to overthrow the Bolsheviks in 1918. George Orwell
George Orwell was born Eric Arthur Blair in Motihari, Bengal, India, in 1903, into a family that had to struggle to make ends meet. The son of a British civil servant, Orwell was brought to England as a toddler. Orwell became aware of class distinctions while attending St. Cyprian's preparatory school, where he received a fine education but felt out of place. He was teased and looked down upon because he was not from a wealthy family. This experience made him sensitive to the cruelty of social snobbery. He later attended Eton College in England. After service with Indian Imperial Police in Burma from 1922 to 1927, he returned to Europe to become writer. By 1936, Orwell had joined the Republican forces in the Spanish Civil War. Orwell was critical of Communism but basically considered himself a Socialist. He was wounded in the fighting. Late in the war, Orwell fought the Communists and eventually had to flee Spain for his life. Orwell died in London at the early age of forty-seven of a neglected lung ailment.

Other books he wrote: Animal Farm, Down and Out in Paris and London, Homage to Catalonia, Nineteen Eighty-Four, and Notes on Nationalism. THE END
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