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I wandered lonely as a cloud

No description

Camilla Prestimonaco

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of I wandered lonely as a cloud

I wandered lonely as a cloud
I chose the presentation of Valentina because I think that is original and it has very impressed me.She has used a template very plain and simple.The background of the presentation was appropriate because evokes the main themes of ballad.
The industrial Revolution
The Industrial Revolution,that took place in the 18th century in Britain,was very important for the development of modern society.Overall in the textile and metallurgic industry.The first transformation of the industrial production took place in the cotton fabric,thanks to the important role of the colonies who imported high quality cotton.The most important innovation was the invention of the stem-machine that increased the production of iron.In that period the first railways were built.During this period there were also a lot of social problems:overpopulation in town because the farmers moved to the cities to look for a job,they lived in very bad condition and had to work 16 hours a day.
I like this period because it marked the beginning of a new epoch and the inventions are the basic of our modern technology.
The themes,for example The Revolution Industrial and Romanticism, are presented essentially,they are understandable so destined to remain more impressed
Romanticism is a artistic, literaly and intellectual movement that took place in Europe in the 18th century.It was a reaction to the Industrial Revolution.During Romanticism the most important things were feelings and emotion and not the reason.
Wordsworth's ballad is very beautiful because the poet transmits his feelings so that we can perceive his happiness,his tranquility and his serenity.In this ballad we can notice a lot of immagination infact the poet walks with his sister and he sees a lot of floweres and he feels happiness.Than I like the fact that he compares them with the stars of the milky way.
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