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Sarah Tuttle

Sarah Tuttle

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Insurgent

INSURGENT BY: VERONICA ROTH This is the cover of my book. This is the sequel to Divergent, A book about a girl named Tris, and how her decicion changed her life forever. Intro This book takes place in a futuristic Chicago. In this area there are 5 factions, or "groups" of people. Each faction has a different charateristics. Setting The factions: Dauntless: The brave
Abnegation: The selfless
Candor: The honest
Erudite: The intelligent
Amity: The kind. The characters in this book are: Characters Tris Tobias (he is also called "Four" becuase he only has 4 fears) Celeb (Tris's brother) And Jeanine, the erudite official. I found a simile on page 83: Figurative Language We divide and spread though the fields like running water. Before I tell you about the book here is a video about Divergent. Genre This book is fiction, and maybe a little dystopian. This book is about a girl named Tris. She chooses the faction "Dauntless" which is the faction that is brave. The dauntless are overthrow by the erudite that use stimulations to overthrow them. All factions are overthrown, exept for the factionless. The factionless are people that failed their chosen factions initition. They were thought to live on the streets and everyone disliked them. But Tris, her boyfriend Tobias, and her brother Celeb; find them in a huge warehouse, and they are offering shelter. The erudite leader, Jeanine, is controlling the simulations. The simulations consist of dauntlesses turning on the other factions. The only reasn why Tris and Tobias aren't effected is becuase they are divergent. Divergence is when you can control what they are doing, even when under a simulation. Will they save the factions and kill Jeanine? Or will the factions be broken up forever? Read in Insurgent. Summary :) I think the book Insurgent by Veronica Roth was AMAZING! It was a great sequel to Divergent. I give it five out of five stars :) Evaluation This book was very good. It kept me up all night turning pages! I recommend it to anyone who likes The Hunger Games and anyone who likes a romance adventure novel :) Conclusion and recommendations
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