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Chickering and Reisser

No description

jessica Lai

on 23 September 2012

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Transcript of Chickering and Reisser

By Jessica Lai and Haley Tsai Chickering's Theory of Identity Development History 1. Developing Competence
2. Managing Emotions
3. Moving Through Autonomy Toward Independence
4. Developing Mature Interpersonal Relationships
5. Establishing Identity
6. Developing Purpose
7. Developing Integrity Seven Vectors How Students Can Move Through the stages "Student affairs professionals as an audience were not in my mind at all..It was entirely by chance that Education and Identity made a significant contribution to those professionals." Happy Mistake Developing Competence Activities Managing Emotions ` Scenario "Freedom from continual and
pressing needs for reassurance, affection,
or approval from others." Moving Through Autonomy
Toward Interdependence Scenario Three Rates Interact
Interconnect Simultaneously Reexamine Actual Target: Faculty Intellectual Physical Interpersonal --Recognizing and managing emotions.
-- Learn how to express and control them. A Freshmen preparing to take their first big chemistry test Lets Get Personal Developing Mature
Interpersonal Relationships 1. Tolerance and appreciation of differences
2. Capacity for intimacy Let's watch! Establishing Identity Becoming comfortable with their sexuality, sexual orientation, values, beliefs, physical being, and priorities.
Individuals should be aware of "Who I am".
Understanding their heritage and cultural roots. Scenario 5 The Chinese Girl! Developing Purpose Building clear vocational goals.
Vocations can include paid work, unpaid, or both.
Making plans and a meaningful commitment . 1. Humanizing values
2. Personalizing Values
3. Developing congruence Developing Integrity " Three sequential but overlapping stages" - Different populations
-Environmental Influences
Institutional objectives
Institutional size
Faculty-student relationship
Friendships and student committees
Student development programs and services In Addition... Worked at Goddard College
1959-1965 Research
Original Theory was published in 1969
1993- revised version of Chickering's theory was published. Chickering rewrote his theory with Linda Reisser. Role Playing
Wellness, athletic and recreational theory
Ice Breakers
Public Speaking
Constructive feedback
Cross cultural communication This Prezi can be found on the SA theory Wiki Page.
Have a splendid evening! Get up and Get moving! Haley Tsai & Jessica Lai #satheory 2012-2013
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