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Chloe Alsum

on 17 November 2014

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Transcript of Musicals

Why we picked Musicals
Part of our group wanted to do the topic music, and part wanted to do theater. So we combined the two ideas and came up with musicals.
What we did for the project
We have surveyed some people to find out the top ten musicals out of the twenty that we had them chose from. Then we researched the top ten to give you some information on them or tell you what they're about.
Lion King
What are Musicals
a musical instrument.
of, pertaining to, or producing music :
of the nature of or resembling music; melodious; harmonious.
fond of or skilled in music.
set to or accompanied by music :
a musical entertainment.
West Side Story
The Phantom of the Opera
Beauty and the Beast
The Sound of Music
By Chloe, Grace, and Anna
A story of a prince that turned into an ugly beast as a punishment for his selfishness. and a young girl named Belle who gets imprisoned in his castle. The Beast must earn Belle's love to become human again, before it's too late.
Songs from Grease

Summer Nights
Grease, Hopelessy Devoted to You
Beauty School Drop-Out
Look At Me I'm Sandra Dee
Greased Lightning
It's Raining on Prom Night
Blue Moon
Rock 'N' Roll Is Here to Stay
Those Magic Changes
Hound Dog
Born to Hand Jive
Alma Mater
Freddy, My Love
Rock 'N' Roll Party Queen
There Are Worse Things I Could Do
Look At Me I'm Sandra Dee (reprise)
You're the One That I Want
We Go Together
Tears on My Pillow
Love Is a Many Splendored Thing
Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
La Bamba
* Grease is about a good girl (Sandy) who falls in love over the summer with a greaser (Danny) .

* Grease was first released in 1978.

Ren MacCormack is a teenager who moves from a big city to a small southern town. Little did he know it banneds loud music and dancing. MacCormack also found a little romance on his journey.

Footloose was first released February 17, 1984.
Songs from Footloose
Let's Hear It for the Boy
Dancing in the Sheets
I'm Free
The Girl Gets Around
Holding Out for a Hero
Somebody's Eyes
Bang Your Head (Metal Health)
Waiting for A Girl Like You
Hurts So Good
Almost Paradise
Mamma Mia
West Side Story is about two teenagers who fall in love. They're from two different New York City gangs who don't get along. They face problems with their friends which leads to trouble.

West Side Story was released on October 18, 1961 (USA)

Songs from West Side Story

The Phantom of the Opera is about an opera ghost who is in love with a singer named Christine. When Christine falls in love with a man named Raoul, the Phantom gets angry and kidnaps Christine to be his eternal bride.
Jet Song
Something's Coming
Dance at the Gym
Gee, Officer Krupke!
I Feel Pretty
One Hand, One Heart
The Rumble
A Boy Like That/I Have a Love
America, My Country 'Tis of Thee
La Cucaracha
First performed on October 9, 1986
Think of Me
Angel of Music
The Mirror
The Phantom of the Opera
I Remember
Magical Lasso
Poor Fool, He Makes Me Laugh
Why Have You Brought Me Here
All I Ask of You
Why So Silent
Twisted Every Way
Bravo, Bravo
The Point of No Return
Down Once More

Mamma Mia was released on July 18, 2008 (USA)

Mamma Mia is about a young girl who is getting married but she wants her father to be there. The problem is that she has three possible fathers, but she has no idea which one he is.
Tracy Turnblad wins a spot on the Corny Collins Show. But when evil Amber Von Tussle and her mother plan to destroy Tracy things get messy.
Was first performed on August 15, 2002
Nicest Kid in Town
Mama, I'm a big girl now
I can hear the Bells
(The Legend) of Miss Baltimore Crabs
The Madison
It takes two
Welcome to the Sixties
Run and tell that
Big Blonde and Beautiful
The Big Doll House
Good Morning Baltimore
Timeless to me
Wiyhout Love
I Know Where I've Been
You Can't Stop The Beat
Songs from Mamma Mia
I Have A Dream
Money, Money, Money
Honey, Honey
Mamma Mia
Super Trouper
Dancing Queen
Our Last Summer
Lay All Your Love On Me
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
(A Man After Midnight)
Does Your Mother Know
Slipping Through My Fingers
The Winner Takes It All
I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
When All Is Said And Done
Take A Chance On Me
This musical take place in Germany During World War 2, where Maria (woman above) has to take care of a man's seven children, but this man does not care for his children, so it is up to Maria to turn the lives of these children around.

First performed on November 16, 1959
A young lion cub flees from his destiny of being the future king after being tricked into believing he killed his father.
Was first performed on July 8, 1997
Circle of Life
The Morning Report
The Lioness Hunt
I Just Can't Wait to be King
Chow Down
They Live in You
Be Prepared
Rafiki Mourns
Hakuna Matata
One by One
The Madness of King Scar
The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Endless Night
Can You Feel the Love Tonight

No Matter What
How long must this go on?
Be our Guest
If I can't love her
Entr'acte/Wolf Chase
Something There
Human Again
Maison des Lunes
Beauty and the Beast

My Favorite Things
So Long, Farewell
The Sound Of Music
Climb Every Mountain
Sixteen Going On Seventeen
The Lonely Goatherd
Something Good
I Have Confidence
My Favorite Things
How Can Love Survive
The Lonely Goatherd
Sixteen Going On Seventeen
No Way To Stop It
The Grand Waltz
The End
The Mob Song
November 15, 1995
Annie Is an orphan redhead who is underaprecciated, she finds a dog later in the story (Well, the dog finds
) and then hides the dog in the orphanage. Even later though, she gets adopted by Warbucks, long story short, she gets in trouble, there is a reward for whoever finds her, or who is her real mother. But dont worry, there is a happy ending.
It's the hard knock life
Hooverville, We'd like to thank you herbert hoover
Little girl
I think i'm gonna like it here
Easy street
You won't be an orphan for long
Why would I change a thing
You're never fully dressed without a smile
Something was missing
I don't need anything but you
New deal for christmas
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