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Smart Education

No description

YoonSeo Kim

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Smart Education

Changing teaching methods
(images and videos)
surveys & interviews
Smart education
What are the benefits of smart education and solutions for weak points?
What is the most used smart device for you?
surveys with russian major students
Fast to ready for class.
Possible to search in real time,
Save important teaching materials.
Electronic blackboards.
How much interest you feel in class?
How much concentration you feel in class?
Result of the surveys
How do you think about smart education?
Approved studying effect.
Students who get smart education are positive to it.
"Smart Education" is being used
in PRIVATE institutions
in PUBLIC institutions
PRIVATE institutions
TED speaker : Nicolas Negroponte
$100 laptop computer, XO-1
SMART education
better and better
Nicholas Negroponte
" We learned how to say and how to stand up.
We didn't learn from somebody. we learned from interaction with world.
enforce 'smart education'
What is the smart education?
Innovate teaching system
'S' symbol of...
elf- directed
Students can learn through interaction
Don't independence lecture!
Each word has a individual meaning
'M' symbol of..
Get interest >> Not boring
'A' symbol of...
Tailored education
Lots of students have different potential
Provide education tailored that each individual fits
'R' symbol of..
Unlimited materials

Shared and cooperate
ex) video calls
'T' symbol of..
Anytime and Anywhere!
Expectation about this activities
interview with a history teacher
Give chance who give up to get great score
Using the vivid materials
Smart education for him
pingpong - an effective tool to help communication between students and teachers
Dangerous to see monitor
Best benefit
participation increased
Attitude and get questions
wireless network
anti-theft system
Adaptive and Personalized Curriculum
Gamified Learning
Teacher Dashboard
Students don't know
what to do and how to do.
give a detail example
students can set a research direction
choose helpful applications in their ipad
solve their project by interacting with their friends and surrounding.
Process of smart education
스마트 베플리

청담 3.0
focus on developing student's vision and capability and admission.
1. surveys with DFLHS students

2. surveys with Russian major students

3. interview with a Korean history teacher
Have you ever gotten smart education?
surveys with DFHLS students
( Smart devices)

Pronunciation of native speakers.
Submit homework and ask their questions right away.
Grow their autonomy.
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