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Fall By Justin Bieber

English Ms.D'Agostini

Elphy Makwene

on 1 April 2013

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Transcript of Fall By Justin Bieber

Evaluated By Elphy Fall by Justin Bieber Song History What Is It About? Mood Audience Poetic Devices Found In The Song Title: Fall

Preformed By: Justin Bieber

Written By: Justin Bieber, Mason Levy, and Jacob Lutrell Justin is talking to a girl he's best friends with that he loves her. The song is intended for teenage girls. The song is rumored to be written about Selena Gomez. The song's mood is calming and reassuring.

"I will catch you if you fall"
"Don't have to be scared at all"
"Take my hand" Metaphor: "Did you know you're an angel who forgot how to fly?"
Hyperbole: "It breaks my heart everytime to see you cry"
Consonance: "...fly unless you let..."
Eye Rhyme: Boy - Joy and smile - while
Ear Rhyme: aware - nowhere, fly - cry, and gone - on This is a little bit of the song What Others Thought about Fall "Fall" is a very capable ballad that scratches the surface of truly affecting songwriting.
- Billboard.com

"Fall" boasts the kind of pensive folk and storytelling that only the best can pull off.
- Artistdirect.com Thank You!
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