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Dassault Aviation

No description

Guillaume Grillet

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Dassault Aviation

Guillaume Grillet
Xiao Han I. The Company 1) History
2) Activities
3) Why we chose Dassault II. Dassault and international relations III. Examples 1) Contracts and activities
2) Transfer of technologies 1) India
2) Brazil
3) South Korea Dassault's timeline Founded by Marcel Bloch

Société des Avions Marcel Bloch 1929 1947 French arms industries were nationalized

Marcel Bloch – director of SNCASO Société des Aviations Marcel Dassault 1936 Specialization in combat and business aircraft 65-66 French government took a 20% share 1979 Charles Edelstenne 2000 1950s-70s big success of exportation of military aircraft N O W A D A Y S Activities Aeronautics Aerospace Engineering Civil Activity 70% of the revenue Telemetric systems
Business aircrafts Military activity Boeing
Gulfstream Aerospace
Bombardier Presents in 20 air forces around the world Mirage 2000 Rafale nEUROn Why we chose Dassault Military activities involved with the Defense Dept. of France Contracts Criteria Transfers of technology
Implantations of factories
International scandal Activities & Contracts Military & Civil Product Lifestyle Management Only one truth Challenges Lack of adequate data
Inefficient accuracy
Complex global business processes Contract Lifecycle Management Strategies • Offer a full image of their product
• Safeguard all the contract aircrafts and supporting documents
• Create manageable solutions for their contract partners Enhance compliance Mitigate risks Increase profits Technology transfers Technologies, skills, knowledge, key competencies, manufacturing methods... Full transfers of technology Latest technologies Needs maintenances Knowledge of the machinery Manufacturing methods Partial transfers of technology Older technologies Competitive / Military advantages Agreements to create parts and softwares Technologies influence the International Relations Impacts on Hard and Soft power Intense competition: less used India Target a deal of 12 billion dollars of Rafale in 2013 Indian market leader for large cabin business Open Dassault's subsidiary Good reputation of advanced high-performance aircraft in the region 9th aero exhibition at Yelahanka Air Force Station in Bangaluru, India Dassault is investing heavily in India to better serve its expanding customer base and prepare for future growth Typical examples 14-15 Février Few days later... France president, François Hollande, New Delhi, Dassault British prime minister, David Cameron, New Delhi, Eurofighter Determine the final price
Determine the amount of technology transferred Technology transferred South Korea 2002, Dassault opened a legal battle with the South Korean government Background South Korea declared an open deal to seven big aircraft companies in the world Historic reason US has been the biggest military supplier to South Korea since the Korean War ended in the 1950s Main reason Open to the South Korean market Results Dassault didn’t quit the competitive bidding but still Boeing won the bid at last interior price of the bids and other interior information Bribe Korean two military officers But These two officers have been arrested Seoul District Court Freeze the process
Force South Korea’s Defense Ministry to reveal its decision South Korea Brazil 4-7 billion contract Competition with Boeing and Saab Win Full transfer of technology + Alliances between several companies (Thalès, Safran...) Manufacture Rafale's parts
Develop new softwares Thank you for your attention! Questions?
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