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The Writing Process

No description

MVC Writing Center

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of The Writing Process

The Ink Spot
Mountain View College

The Writing Process
Invention strategies such as brainstorming, listing, clustering, and research help you get your thoughts in order before you start writing an essay. This is also a good step to return to if you are suddenly experiencing writer's block.
Write a complete draft of the essay. Do not worry about editing or revising during this step; those can be done later in the process. If you hit a wall during drafting, return to pre-writing. Also, a draft does not need to be completed in one sitting-- in fact, it is usually better if you have been working on it over a certain period of time.
Revision is not to be confused with editing/proofreading since it involves re-seeing the essay and rewriting to make ideas clearer, more cohesive, and more developed. Sometimes you are asked to revise after getting some feedback from your instructor or peers. This can include multiple drafts and can involve returning to pre-writing or drafting.
Check for errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and other things that may trip up your reader or otherwise impede your meaning. This step should be completed before you submit the essay for grading/reading. Run SpellCheck, get someone to read it for you, and/or read it out loud.
The OWL @ Purdue:
For more information
The writing process isn't necessarily linear. Sometimes you need to go back and forth between any combination of the steps! Also, the Writing Center is a great place to visit at any point in the writing process. Appointments can be made in W114.
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