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No description

Mr Glover

on 2 March 2011

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Transcript of AP GOVERNMENT

Jimmy John For President Campaign Basics and voter turnout This Campaign will be run by going around and visiting the more stronger populations of Republican voters in states. With more serious issues at hand in the upcoming election, I believe that more people will come out to vote. With more votes, there is a higher possibility of me winning the office of presidency. Campaign Funds ¨Donations can be made to Jimmy John Campaign. They cannot be more then $1,000. However, donations can be made to the Democratic political party. There will be 527s that are tax-exempt organizations, which will hopefully influence the voters to vote for me as the presidential candidate. There are also PAC's that are collecting money for my campaign. The money that is raised for the campaign will end up covering for the traveling expenses and campaign ads. Debate Responses and Attitude ¨I will be responding to questions in the debate with my views on the subject. However, I will also make sure that I think through my response, so I don’t say anything that would give my opponent leverage on me. Nor will I react in a way that will allow the media to badger and bring down my image to the public. Vision Portrayed by the Campaign Ads Target States Large states such as- Texas, California, New York, Pennsylvania, Florida. These states have higher numbers in the electoral college.
¨Other states that are also going to be targeted are swing states like Virginia, South Carolina, etc. I will be portrayed as a strong, respectful candidate and liked by the people. My opponents may try to attack me with there campaign ads. I will not retaliate by trying to point out a fault of theirs, but instead focus my time on improving on my weaknesses, to make me a stronger and more rightful candidate. But I will fight back and I WILL fight for the people's rights. VOTE FOR ME YOU WON'T BE SORRY!!!!!
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