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Hydra's Family tree

No description

Nicole Farr

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Hydra's Family tree

Sphinx & Nemean Lion
Hydra's Family tree
Orthrus & Cerberus
Chimera & Caucasian Eagle
Crommyonian Sow & Gorgon
Colchian Dragon
& Scylla
Typhon & Echidna
Hydra's Parents
Typhon was the most dangerous monster of Greek Mythology. He was the last son of Gaia. Typhon was known as the "father of all monsters" and his wife, Echidna, was known as the "mother of all monsters". He had a human head (was often showed with a hundred dragon heads instead), a torso that reached the stars, hands that reached to east and west, his legs where huge viper coils, and he had wings. His eyes flashed with fire scaring the Olympians even more.
Echidna was an awful women who was half woman, half snake. Known as "mother of all monsters" she lived up to her name by eating raw flesh and bringing sorrow to the Olympians. Zeus sealed her husband, Typhon, under Mount Etna, but he spared her and her children's lives for a future challenge for heroes.
Orthrus was a two-headed dog who was owned by the three-bodied giant, Geryon. Heracles slayed Orthrus.
Cerberus is a three headed dog or "hell hound". He had a serpents tail, mane of snakes, and lions claws. Cerberus guarded the entrance to the underworld, preventing dead from leaving and the alive from entering.
Chimera had a body of a lion, snake as a tail, and a goat head between. He was defeated by Bellerophon with help from Pegasus.
Caucasian Eagle was an eagle that
everyday ate the liver of Prometheus.
Crommyonian Sow was slain by Theseus. He was named after the old women who raised him after birth.
Gorgons where three sisters who had hair of snakes, and turned people to stone with a simple look. Stheno, Euryale, and Medusa.
Colchian Dragon was said to have a crest and three tongues, and it never slept or rested.
Scylla was a beautiful naiad who was claimed by Poseidon, but Amphitrite turned her into a monster by poisoning her bathing spring. She had four eyes, six necks, twelve tentacle legs, a cats tail, and four to six dog-heads around her waist.
Sphinx was a lion with a face of a human and wings. Those who couldn't answer its riddle suffered the common death, killed and eaten by a monster.
Nemean lion was Heracles first labor,
and was eventually killed by him.
Hydra was an object of one of Heracles labors and was said to be immortal. If you cut off one of Hydras heads two new ones grew back. Hydra lived in a pool formed by the freshwater spring Amymone at Lerna. The spring had once been very clear and a source of drinking water, but now its polluted and the people of Lerna have to travail for their water. When they would travail for their water they had to pass Hydra's layer and many of them never came back. Heracles killed Hydra with the help from Lolaus, who cauterized each head after Heracles cut it off. He then buried the final middle head under a large stone. Hydra did not count as a labor because Heracles got help.
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