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The Mayan Trade Network

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Akshita Rao

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of The Mayan Trade Network

The Mayans had many remarkable achievements such as:
the Mayan calendar
the Mayan number system
agricultural techniques
magnificent cities
But of all their achievements the trade network was the most remarkable...
the trade network was the most accomplished
the effort, scale, genius, and significance of the trade network was amazing
Effort: Traders traveled ten hours a day carrying loads between 80 to 150 pounds
Scale: The Mayans traveled all over from what is known today as Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala to trade with each other
Genius: The Maya were able to create such a trade route without modern day conveniences
Significance: The trade network's importance was large, for the Mayans to survive they needed various goods which were obtained from trading
As you can see the trade network was the MOST REMARKABLE ACHIEVEMENT of the Maya. Trade Routes vs. The Mayan Calendar and Agricultural Techniques THE MOST REMARKABLE ACHIEVEMENT The Most Remarkable Achievement Although the achievements of building cities and creating the number calender were large, the capability of building trade routes is the best indicator of how advanced the Mayan people were.

The Ability to Build Refined Cities...
Showed the political power during this time was a strong influence on people
The Maya were a united group of people
The Mayan Number System...
Shows the Maya were an advanced people for their time
Still had an strong knowledge of the science of numbers even though they were isolated
The Trade Network...
On both land and sea proves they were capable of doing these things without modern conveniences (pack animals, vehicles, etc.)
People had a greater will to live because of the booming economy trade provided for the empire
Both workers are rulers were pleased with all the new business
Trade allowed a balance of goods throughout the empire
Still had the capability to create a trade route that covered the whole empire
Isolation did not restrict them
Capable of combining science and math into engineering THE EFFORT & SIGNIFICANCE INTRO The Mayan Trade Network THE SCALE & GENIUS How large the Mayan trade routes actually were
The fact that the trade route went through out the Mayan region shows how larger the routes were
How much planning and precautions it took to create it
Only way to travel so route made itself known to the people of the Mayan
Route stretches from the upper regions of Mexico, to lower Guatemala and finally to Honduras
Took careful planning in order to pick the best terrain, and surroundings for countless porters to travel on
The genius planning and careful scaling of this path makes it one of the world’s best known routes The Mayans were a very advanced civilization
Such advancements were building cities, the Mayan number system, the Mayan calendar, agricultural techniques, and trade networks
A reason why their trading network was so efficient was because of the significance, the scale, the genius, and their effort
The trading network was the most beneficial to the Mayan people
This network boosted the economy and lead the Mayans to the path of success
Other than significance, the Trade Network of the Maya also involved an incredible amount of effort.
Merchants and Porters in the lowlands had to carry heavy loads of imported goods for at least ten hours per day at the speed of one to three miles per hour.
Products that the Mayans traded and hauled through the land routes included Obsidian, Jade, Copal, and Quetzals. These products were imported from the highlands and into the lowlands. In the Mayan Trade Network, the complex trade routes and the amount of goods that were traded is what made the Trade Network significant.
By trading with other civilizations, growth in the Mayan society took place. The Mayan Trade Network Significance Effort
"What did the trade routes look like for the Mayans?." Mahalo.com. N.p., n.d. Web. 5 June 2013. <http://www.mahalo.com/answers/what-did-the-trade-routes-look-like-for-the-mayans>. Citations Map Citation: http://www.latinamericanstudies.org/maya/trade-map-1.jpg Trade Routes vs. Building Cities and the Number System Map of Mayan Trade Routes Category. "Ancient Maya Economy and Trade." Latin American History. N.p., n.d. Web. 6 June 2013. <http://latinamericanhistory.about.com
/od/Maya/p/Ancient-Maya-Economy-And-Trade.htm>. "Mayan History - Crystalinks." Crystalinks Home Page. N.p., n.d. Web. 6 June 2013. <http://www.crystalinks.com/mayanhistory.ht The creation of the Mayan calendar and advanced agricultural techniques helped the Mayan people to success
The most important achievement of all was the trade network Andrews, Anthony. Sacred Mayan Journey 2011. N.d. Trade Routes, Mexico. Travesia Sagrada Maya. Web. 6 June 2012. The Creation of the Mayan Calendar:
Helped the Maya keep track of historic dates
The Mayans achieved an understanding of the solar system which was ahead of its time
They also used math for their calendar system which was amazing Mladjov, Ian . The Maya Empire. N.d. Maps & Tables - Pre-Columbian & Mesoamerican Civilizations, Map. History and Civilization . Web. 6 June 2013. But, the Mayan trade network beats both achievements
The Mayans were able to establish trade on land and sea without using any kind of communication devices or transportation
Every load was carried by hand or by a small boat and required a lot of physical labor
The trade route itself covered a vast territory
The ideas of making transport easier involved science
Trading itself required knowledge of mathematics
Trade provided all Mayans the same amounts of varied goods
Without trade the Mayans would have never been on the path of success Advanced Agricultural Techniques
They could grow crops on almost any kind of terrain
The Mayans could get more growing seasons out of fields
Provided Mayans with crops that are essential Does The Mayan Calendar End?" The Mayan Calendar. empowernetwork.com N.p., n.d. Web. 6 June 2013. <http://www.empowernetwork.com /cassandraliger/blog/does-the-end-of-the-mayan-calendar-mean-the-end-of-the-world/> "Modern Day Maya Maize" ambergistoday.com N.p., n.d. Web. 6 June 2013. <http://www.ambergristoday.com/content/stories/2011/october/17/modern-day-maya-maize-nightmare> Finney. Mayan Number System. N.d. How It Works, Virtual. The Mayan Calender. Web. 6 June 2013.
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