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Book 11 The Odyssey

A very important book in the epic journey of Odysseus' journey home.

Martin Butler

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Book 11 The Odyssey

Mr. Butler tries to use prezi for the first time. The Odyssey Book 11 The Punishments Being dead is not good! Sisyphus Tityus Tanthalus 1. Elpenor

2. Aticleia - Odysseus' mother

3. Teiresias What does Odysseus learn from
another group of 3? The parade of female heroes...
We also see many famous Greek women, I'm not sure why. The only thing I can think of is to make the audience question Penelope and also praise and understand that women can be strong too.
It has been suggested that Homer, like other famous literature figures, were female rather than male. Three Greek Heroes Agamemnon Don't say "Hi! Honey I'm home!
Because you get a knife in the belly 1. 2. Hercules Here the audience can make more comparisons suggested by Homer.
Hercules won his immortality, (the fact that he is a ghost is in Hades is conveniant, the real Hercules is feasting with the gods immortal). Odysseus had the opportunity to be immortal and turned it down. This suggests that Odysseus is a better, or perhaps more modern or more moral hero than Hercules, if he manages to return home and win. It is for purer things such as loyalty and love rather than glory and honor. Achilles ... asks about his son...
How did he do at Troy? so we are
reminded of
Telemachus. is not happy! Again.
It's no good being the
master of the dead. "I would prefer to be
alive and a lowly servant,
than Lord of all the
dead." It's not all about
Who's your daddy!
There are more important
things in life than what others
think of you. AJax ...says nothing.
he is still very upset
that Odysseus won the
armor of Achilles. Everyone is mortal. And life can be snatched
away very easily. There is trouble at home. You need to
be there ASAP! This is how you get home... What have we learned?
Odysseus only goes to the land of the dead to learn what Circe already told him. Therefore the journey to Hades was not about his physical journey but his metaphorical journey. His internal conflict.
This is the Key stone book. It links everything in the story together
All the things that Odysseus has learned
All the mistakes he has made
All make sense with the lessons he recieves at the land of the dead.
Next, unfortunately, he is stuck on Calypso's island for 7 years, frustrating because he is so close in his growth to be capable of returning. This is why he is crying when we first meet him. Fin
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