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Aaron Benson

on 27 February 2018

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Question: Why did the Ancient Egyptians pick their region?
Ancient Egypt and Nubia
Ancient Egyptians worshiped minor deities in their own towns as much as they worshiped major gods like Anubis (the god of death,) Horus (the falcon god, the god of war,) and Ra (the god of the sun, also the king of all the gods.)

Ancient Egyptians mummified corpses by wrapping their body in bandages believing they will move on to the Afterlife.
Human environment
Only a small percentage of boys and girls went to school in Ancient Egypt, and most of them came from upper- class families. These students attended schools for scribes. Scribes made written records for government offices, temples, and other institutions. They also read and wrote letters for a large numbers of Egyptians who could not read and write.
In a family the father was in charge but if he died the oldest son would take over the family. Although the women had rights too. They could get a divorce and own property.
-Imoteph an egyptian architecture
-King Zoser liked Imotephs creation so created many more and started the Egyptian pyramid period
-In one of the pyramids a huge boat was buried with a king
-The coffins in the pyramids were made to look like humans by craftsman
Map of ancient Egypt
Lower Egypt
Upper Egypt
Lower Nubia
What are the pyramids a symbol of? Also did the Ancient Egyptians build them, if not, who did?

The Ancient Egyptians believed in an afterlife (life after death). Without a body, the persons spirit could not roam the afterlife world. Once "mummified" the body would be place in the tomb,and sometimes other items were placed in the tomb along with the body, mainly found in wealthy or royal families though, some of the items included food and drink, gold and jewelry, also everyday items such as, clothes, games, and mirrors. Only sometimes you may find a mummified animal or two, on account of the Egyptians worshiped animals.
Nile River Transportation: The Nile River was a key factor for ancient Egypt’s trade. They traveled on boats made of papyrus reed. They moved with poles a first, and then powered themselves by oars. Later, around 3200 B.C., they invented sails and relied on wind. At around 3000 B.C., they began to use wooden planks to build boats.
Old Kingdom
New Kingdom
Transportation by Land: The Egyptians not only traveled by the Nile, but they traveled by land, too. In Egypt’s early history, most Egyptians walked or rode donkeys, and wealthy Egyptians were carried on special chairs. Egyptians began to ride on horse drawn chariots in 1600’s B.C.
-Egyptians made a sculpture a Hatshepsut with false beard
-Also made an obelisk(97ft tall building)
-Sculpted statues of Ramses 2 as part of the sun temple to the sun gods
-Decarated walls of tombs with mounds of art
-They built furnaces
Nile River
The Nile is the world's longest river.
It flows north from Central Africa to the Mediterranean Sea.
Blue Nile: Thundering torrents race through desert.
White Nile: Calm, flows through swamps.
The Nile provided rich soil; good for farming.
Essential Question
The ancient Egyptians picked that region because of the fertile soil and because of land
Most of the workers in the Nile valley were farm labors they got rich off harvests that were great but others got there money by mining, trading and transportation.
What was architecture of ancient Egypt?
How did the Ancient Egyptians move from place to place? Did they use the Nile River?
Essential Question for Religion
Why was the Ancient Egyptian religion so much different than the religion of other Ancient civilizations?
Aaron Benson
Angela hall
Mia Sivret
John Johnson
Ashton Wallace
Mira Silva
Nick Grieve
Myah McKinley
Kailey Kabo
The Ancient Egyptians used the Nile River. In their region, there were floods every year but the height of the flood varied every year. Sometimes there were no floods at all. This caused a famine.

Every spring in ancient Egypt, water came flowing from the highlands which made the soil rich. The fertile soil was also known as slit.
Essential Question
How was leader ship chosen in Ancient Egypt?
The Nile in the spring rushed out over its banks which was great for the dry land in Egypt. When this happened, the Egyptians started to celebrate with one of their god Hapi.
The way that leadership was chosen was that is was inherited by the king to there very own child. The leadership was mainly passed down to boys only, but in some occasions if the kings had no sun the would have to pass it down to there daughter.

Question: Was the Nile River important to Ancient Egypt?

There are three different time periods in ancient Egypt that all happened in the same location. There's the old kingdom, the middle kingdom, and the new kingdom. The old kingdom and the middle kingdom are mostly located around the river, while the new kingdom is in a bigger area. It covers more of Nubia. The new kingdom also had a strip of land around the Mediterranean Sea.
Egyptian pyramids
Step pyramids
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