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Eloquent Content Capture

This presentation shows the special WebGENAT Toolkit features that facilitate rapid entry of digital content and related text.

Eloquent Systems (old)

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of Eloquent Content Capture

Web Forms Single Item Multiple Item (Eloquent Spreadsheet) Batch Import ASCII/CSV Legacy Systems MARC XML Excel Eloquent Spreadsheet Common Area Any number of prompts
Added to each row when saved
Used as access points when finding records to edit. Spreadsheet Area Any number of rows; grows as required
Columns can be added/removed
Quick repeat of value down a column
Easy increment of numeric value down a column
Multiple records saved to server with single click
Each record includes data from the common area
Copy of digital object saved with each row Special Functions Save all rows with a single click
Search for existing records to edit
Delete selected records
Attach Digital Content with Browse(single) or Multiple Button
Clone records with Yes/No option
Re-structure database by linking to different parent record
Save and read back for further edits
Send batch to Single Web Form for additional data prompts Single Item Web Form (Can scroll for Multiple Pages) Links to sections
of the form Current active list Point to another record;
may be in another table Multi-valued fields started with specified number of rows and grows as required Text prompt - opens
to an edit box Drop down options Preview entire record Check spelling Search for items to edit Continuation Tag a single image Tag multiple images;
fill entire column;
expand to more rows
if required Include text of attached document
to enable full-text search to help build a Eloquent Content Capture professional database quickly are provided a number of Productivity Tools Outlook Add-in MS Office Add-ins Excel to Eloquent Spreadsheet Eloquent Explorer Batch Import Sample Email with attachments Eloquent Add-In Identify Eloquent Web Form Web Form to capture Email All other data to Web Form. Virtual file folder selected manually. automatically transferred Full-text search on the email. Link to Email Link to attachments Email & attachments available with public search Eloquent Add-In for MS Word Sample Document transferred to Web form Word Document Virtual file folder selected manually. Web form to capture Excel data. Locate Excel File Find file Click to load file Find Excel File File Path loaded Mapping for Spreadsheet Start process Batch Import Ascii/CSV
Legacy Data Load Data from Path Eloquent columns are automatically mapped to Excel columns if the names are identical; otherwise manually picked from drop-down. Complete Excel table imported for processing. Sample from Eloquent Archives application.
Other applications are similar. Linking to Digital Objects (optional) Highlight search term Automatically filled,
ready to save Other columns filled manually Order may be changed and columns may be skipped. All valid data is moved to Eloquent Spreadsheet.
Invalid matches are completed manually.
Additional columns may be added manually.
Spreadsheet expands for more rows if required.
One click saves entire batch of records. Eloquent Explorer a free utility loaded onto the client
you transfer multiple digital objects to the Eloquent Spreadsheet
the transfer may include hidden metadata stored on the object, such as date and resolution of a picture Multiple objects can be tagged. An intermediate web form assembles the objects. Progress is displayed as the objects move to the Eloquent database on the server. All the data is moved to the Eloquent Spreadsheet where some columns may be modified.
The form expands for extra rows if required. Other Features on the Spreadsheet After a batch is saved it may immediately be read back into the form. After a batch is saved it may be transferred to a single web form to be further edited, one at a time. Spreadsheet to Clone Records Read records in one folder,
point to a new folder, and
clone the records for it. Merv Richter, President
Eloquent Systems Inc Thank You Thank you for your interest in Content Capture with Eloquent software.

For a webinar showing the software in action, contact 1-800-663-8172/100. Content Capture with Eloquent Applications This presentation illustrates software features that help you build your database quickly.
You soon enjoy public visibility . Zonal OCR EMC Captiva Software such as EMC Captiva can be used in conjunction with scanning of uniform documents to capture data from specific locations on the document and map it to fields on the Eloquent Spreadsheet. Press Esc to exit. Images are separate from all other digital objects.
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