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Study abroad

No description

Stephanie Villatoro

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Study abroad

STUDY ABROAD North America South America Africa Europe South Pacific China FAQ's Why don't more students study aboard? Requirements? Finances Why is it
important? Study Abroad: All educational programs that take place outside the geographical boundaires of the country of origin. Sources Kitsantas, A. (2004, September) "Studying abroad: The role of college students' goals on the development of cross-cultural skills and global understanding." Retrieved from http://www.freepatentsonline.com/article/College-Student-Journal/123321904.html Center fo Global Education (2012) Retrieved from http://globaled.gmu.edu/programs/index.html Makes you a better person
Enhances global understanding
Boosts self-confidence
Learn to appreciate more The GPA Requirements vary depending upon the destination you will be travelling to.
Ex: To study abroad in Oxford, a minimum GPA of 3.6 is required.
Generally, a GPA of a 2.23 or higher is required.
Application must be filled out online.
Semester-long programs require recommendations. How can students afford to study abroad?

•Federal financial can apply toward studying abroad including scholarships such as Gillman Scholarship and Boren Fellowship and Scholarship.
•Even Athletes are required to fulfill their scholarship within their designated sport can be eligible to study abroad as long as their responsibilities are fulfilled.

Financial Aid & Scholarships:

•Programs are financial aid eligible.
•Scholarships can be used for the short-term stays, help pay for your passport and part of airfare.
•There are also federal government assisted scholarships. "Study Abroad: Marie Alice Arnold; General Manager of Center of Global Education at GMU." Personal interview. 25 Feb. 2013. What is the cost? There is a program fee which includes tuition, housing, meals, & emergency care.
How many credits can I take? There are a certain number of required credits to complete for desired city.
Can I graduate on time? YES! People don't identifiy it's for them. Some worry it may be dangerous. The cost is of great concern. It may be challening. Am I allowed
to be on my own? Yes! You are more
than welcome to
independently, but you are not permitted to drive. Are there certain countries
designated for
my major? Yes, although it depends...

Some cities offer a variety of
classes; other cities may only
offer specific classes for your major. Can I leave early? No, you must complete the entire course.
The only thing that will get you sent home early is the abuse of alcohol/drugs... Without a refund! What are my
options for
housing? There are student residencies, apartments, even homestays! "A year from now
you will wish you had started today."
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