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Warriors Don't Cry Ch. 7-10

No description

Sam Orchard

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Warriors Don't Cry Ch. 7-10

Warriors Don't Cry Chapter 10 Connors Circle Chapter 9 Chapter 7 Chapter 7 is all about Melba's first day of school. It starts out with everyone nervous and the Little Rock 9 being escorted to Central High. There, pretty much all the students are hostile. In gym class, Melba was assaulted by an angry mob that crashed the class. Melba got away with only a cut on her elbow and knee. After that, she went to shorthand class. There, Mrs. Pickwick, the teacher, was kind and fair to Melba and wouldn't let the hostile kids hurt Melba. Near noonish, the Little Rock 9 had to be dismissed early due to rampaging angry mob. Gene Smith, the Assistant Chief of Little Rock P.D. gets everyone out safe and sound. Even after they left though, the mob didn't stop and even beat up some reporters. After Melba got home, a reporter called her up and asked if she could write a newspaper article, she agreed. The chapter ended with President Eisenhower giving Little Rock a warning. Summary: Summary The chapter begins on the Saturday after Melba's first week at Central High School. She decides to reserve the day for herself. She spends the entire day trying to not think about Central High or Segregation. Instead she reads magazines and watches television with her family. 1 On this second day Melba was getting used to the routine of the soldiers and knowing their presence, but by the second day there were less soldiers than the day before.
the day started with her meeting Danny at the front of the school and Melba accidentally walking into a group of boys who then proceeded to kick her to the ground and then kick her in the stomach, at that point Melba was told by Danny that he was only there to "Keep you alive" and that he could not get into verbal or physical conflict with the other students of the school. As Melba went to report the conflict between her and the boys she was greeted by a woman who told Melba that the incident could not be reported because there was no teacher or adult there to witness this and said to Melba that "Soldiers don't count".
Friday was a pep rally which for Melba meant a open area for students to mistreat her so as she was entering the gym for the rally she was pulled aside by the football players. As they pinned her against the wall they said to her "We're gonna make your life hell, nigger..." and then proceeded to try and choke her, and only after Danny intervened did the fight stop and Melba went on her way. Summary: "Would you have exchanged places with me and entered Central as I did this morning?" - Melba This is the opening sentence for Melba's newspaper article. It leads you to thinking. Questions like: Could I have done this? Would I have done this? Could I survive this? Questions like those that helped get people to think. Even though it leads you to think, I don't think you could comprehend what they went through on that first day. On Sunday she goes on a date with Vince. After the date, Melba is unable to sleep due to her fears about the upcoming week of school. Midweek she noticed that the 101st was no longer in the school, instead they had the Arkansas National Guard. At one point in the bathroom, three girls attacked her with flaming wads of paper. Melba saved herself by throwing her textbooks back at them. 2 On Thursday Melba was attacked again, but this time in a different way.A boy squirted some acid onto her face and into her eyes. Danny washed her eyes out quickly. She saw an optometrist later and learned that she would need to wear glasses all the time from that point on. 3 Quote Explanation Drew Donoghue Quote "Keep you alive"~ Danny Quote Analysis This quote is said by Danny when he is
talking to Melba about how he can do nothing of the people harassing her and is not able to get into conflicts with other students. This shows how Melba is still in danger
even with her having a soldier
protecting her. By Sam, Connor, Drew, and Isabella Chapter 8 In this chapter, Melba goes for her second day of school. She is still not used to everything, especially when an army caravan shows up at her house one early morning. She meets her driver, Sarge. While at school, she is assigned a soldier to protect her. His name is Danny, and she befriends him. She goes through the routine of the day, going to her classes, getting picked on everywhere she goes. After a while, she begins have national pride, that she is proud to live in the U.S. and integrate Central High School. For the first time, she realizes that there is nothing wrong with her, but with society, and she is working to fix it. Quote Analysis "'Do you wish you were negro?'...'I'm proud of who I am. My color is inconvenient right now, but it won't always be like this.'" (105) "A girl smiled at me today... we will have integration in little rock." (117) This is an entry from Melba's diary after her first week at Central High School. It shows that the integration movement is making progress. It is very important because it is a turning point in Melba's point of view on the integration of the school. She now really starts to think that it might be possible. From this point on she tries to take a mor positive look on going to the school. This quote is important to the book because it shows that Melba is up to go through the tough haul to help society out. She is proud of the U.S. She is optimistic as she says it "will not always be like this," The End
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