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Markstrat Team Y

from an open highway to a rocky road

Ben Crockett

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Markstrat Team Y

Team Y
Taking the Highway Stock Price Index Period Base 1000 in period 0 period 1-2 period 3 - 4 period 5 - 8 period 9 - 10 Advertising Mistake SYCA - HiEarners Adjusting our Course Q&A Implementing, and Controlling Planning G-S-T-I-C Framework Focus Increase Shareholders Value

Maximize Net Contribution

Benchmarks Stock Price
Competition Target Customers Hi-Earners
Vodite Market Market Structure Value Proposition Consisitently create the highest Brand Awareness and then
Provide customers with products and sales support that meet their desires. Create Value Market Research
Continous R&D Communicating Value Highest Spending in Advertising

Focused on Perceptual Objectives Delivering Value Matched Placement with Shopping Habits

Minimized Stock-Outs with Inventory Processes Team Review

Sub-Group Decision Making

All Team Members Present Period Plan People Performance Evaluation Stock Price

Brand Awareness

Purchase Intentions

Market Share

Base Cost vs. Avg. Retail Price

Multidimensional Scales
Monitoring the Environment Market Forecast
Market Research
Competitive Intelligence 0-100 km/h in 4 seconds Leading with High Earners

If you build it they will come The Benefits of Taking Risks Aligning Current w/ Future Strategy Bump in the Road Competition Changes Everything

NO Vodite Research Off to the Race Starting Point

Focusing on Strengths

Taking the Lead Repositioning all Vodite Products Tuning = Performance Capturing both Adopters and Innovators with one Product

Revamping SYCA (HiEarners) Looking down the Highway Refresh our Sonite products SYCA(HiEarners)/SYBA (Others)

Invest in R&D for VYAA (Adopters)

Adopt R&D for VYAF (Followers)

Drop VYAI (Innovators)

Letting go of SYGU while introducing SYBA Period 5 Period 6 The Result Period 1 Period 2 Base Cost? Others Marko, Matteo, Benjamin, Vana, Brent, Andre
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