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Gender, the State, and Totalitarianism

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Julian Dodson

on 15 October 2018

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Transcript of Gender, the State, and Totalitarianism

Main point:
Gender, sexuality, and the family are the areas in which ideas about the nation are reinforced and reproduced.

For this reason, states have historically been very concerned with the condition of the family.

A system of rule dominated by one single leader or one single party

Rejects the idea limited government power and constitutional guarantees of individual freedoms

“All within the state; nothing without the state.”

The Mother Cross
Awarded to German women who had given birth to 4 or more children

1st order GOLD 8 or more children

2nd order SILVER 6-7 children

3rd order BRONZE 4-5 children
"Asocial" Housewives

Housewives whose homes were not well-scrubbed, children not dressed in clean, well-mended clothes, or who were seen by social workers as "lazy."
David Riesman, "Operation Abundance aka "The Nylon War"

The idea was that the US could bombard the Soviet Union with scarce consumer goods--nylons, stoves, refrigerators.

This would push the Soviet state into competition in producing consumer goods, rather than weapons.

The idea was conceived as satire, but came to direct the US approach in the 1960s and on.
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