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I Totally Funniest

No description

Zack Wieland

on 4 March 2015

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Transcript of I Totally Funniest

I Totally Funniest
Written by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein
Illustrated by Laura Park
Book Talk by Zack Wieland
A middle school realistic fiction book
James Patterson writes books like the I Funny series, the Middle School series, and the Treasure Hunters series for kids. He won the Children's Choice Book Awards Author of the year in 2010. He also writes books for adults like the Alex Cross books. James Patterson lives in Florida.
The story takes place in the present day. It's set in Long Beach in Long Island, New York where Jamie lives with the Smileys. The Smileys are his aunt and uncle and his cousins who he calls the Smileys because they NEVER smile!

Jamie also goes to Hollywood, California for the Planet's Funniest Kid Comic Contest.
Main Character
The main character of the book is Jamie Grimm. He is a kid in a wheelchair who wants to be the Planet's Funniest Kid Comic. Jamie is at middle school with his friends Pierce, Gaynor, and Gilda. He is in the final 8 in the Contest and practices his routine a lot. He is very funny but scared because he may choke and forget his lines.
Jamie's struggle is that he wants to win the Planet's Funniest Kid Comic Contest but he feels afraid that he is going to lose or forget his jokes. Jamie is also ignoring his friends and being a jerk because he thinks that people just voted for him because they felt sorry for him for being in a wheelchair. Another struggle happens when Hurricane Sam destroys the Smiley's house and the boardwalk where Uncle Frankie's diner is.
The mood of the story is funny but sometimes sad. It's sad when Hurricane Sam destroys the boardwalk and the Smiley's house. The story makes me feel happy and laugh when Jamie does his comedy routine.
Jamie has won the New York contest in the first I Funny book and the wild card in the second I Funny book. Now he is in the final 8 in the Planet's Funnest Kid Comic Contest. He lives with the Smileys and they never smile. Jamie tries to make them laugh but it doesn't work! He is ignoring his friends and acting like he is better than them with a big head. Uncle Frankie gives him a lecture and we find out he just being a jerk because he thinks that people are voting for him because they feel sorry for him that he is in a wheelchair. He is practicing a lot and he is scared he is not funny. Reporters are recording his life for the contest. After the first of the two shows in Hollywood, a hurricane hits New York and they have to stay in the school gym. Is Jamie going to win the contest or bomb?
The theme of the book is "Comedy is always a good thing - even after a tragedy." The theme shows itself after Hurricane Sam when Jamie makes a comedy act for the kids staying in the gym and makes them feel better. It also shows when Jamie remembers being at the rehab hospital after the car accident and he read comedy books and watched comedy shows and he laughed.
I liked "I Totally Funniest" because it was funny and I like following Jamie's story about the contest from the first two books. I remember Hurricane Sam the most because it was a plot twist that kind of changed the story.
A memorable line is when Jamie thinks to himself
"Where's a Wi-Fi dead zone when you need one?"
Jamie thinks this when he is talking on Skype to Chatty Patty, another contestant, who is mean and thinks she is going to win.
I recommend this book to people of all ages from middle schoolers to adults who like to laugh because it's very funny.
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