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Lessons from the Dark Side

What Programmers Can Learn from Marketers (if they drop the attitude)

Paul Travis

on 18 April 2010

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Transcript of Lessons from the Dark Side

9 T.L.A.
Lessons from
the Dark Side the Classic 4p's "The business has two, and only two, purposes: marketing + innovation. All the rest are costs." Sales Triangle Business
Model: Deliver technology to end users or Product Promotion Place + Vivify 6P's Positioning PR Planning Pain Points Patents Partnering Packaging "Marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department" Paul@VivifyLLC.com @PaulTravis Irony: Discount for New or Returning Customers? Price David Packard,
Cofounder HP Peter Drucker,
Business Guru "Dad, why did you call it the Dark Side?" Gabriel Travis,
Ten Years Old Why did you
choose this session?
DNB (D&B) 3^S - The 3 levers to increase sales Number Customers Amount of Purchase Frequency/Interval 7TP touch points for
someone to be open to try/buy your product ?

What would you
like to learn? Benefit from my Background 00's -
Certified Management Consultant 90's -
Executive 80's - Software Engineer Why am i here? Kitsap County company
Downstate Illinois company TOMA: Top of Mind Awareness
FAB: Features >
Advantages >
MOM: Mindshare over
Marketshare 9 T.L.A. Lessons from the Dark Side Paul@VivifyLLC.com @PaulTravis Marketing-2020.com AIDA Attention Interest Desire Action 7
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