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Winona Scheff

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of IRENE GUT (OPDYKE)

continued reasons...
She escaped death by being brave and smart.
She risked her life multiple times for others.
She was humble about her actions.
She saved many lives, helped others, but still had to witness inhuman deaths.
She relived all the horrors when she rewrote her auto biography, "In My Hands."
What is a hero?
Heroic Acts
Heroic Acts continued..
Irene hid her remaining Jewish friends behind the wall of the kitchen she worked in.
She lived in Mayor Rugemer's house.
He caught her keeping more Jewish people upstairs.
Instead of turning her in, he made her be his mistress.
Why is Irene Gut a hero?
She was loyal to her Jewish friends.
She lived life with a smile on her face even though she was beaten, raped, and forced into a relationship.
She was smart when hiding the Jews.
She was comforting to the people who would go to her for help.
General Background
Born into a Catholic family in Poland
Had FOUR sisters
Her father was an architect and chemist
may 5, 1922- may 17, 2003
Irene Gut joined the Polish Underground as a teenager.
Even though she was against the Nazis she still attended church and stayed true to herself.
She was arrested in the middle of a Mass and forced to load prisoners in a truck for punishment.
She died of liver disease in a nursing home.
Irene Gut was separated from her family. She escaped incarceration twice.
She was beaten and raped by Soviet Soldiers.
After being arrested she became ill. An officer felt pity on her and moved her to work in a Nazi hotel. She handed out food, extra blankets and clothes to the Jews in the ghetto next door.
Miss Gut saved the lives of 16 Polish Jews.
After a raid, Irene drove 6 Jews that survived to the forests.
She helped a Catholic Priest keep two Polish Jews safe, one was going to have a baby.
strong mentally
risks their own life
courageous and brave
smart logically
comforting and nice
always willing to help
Awards & Recognition
Her book was turned into a play and movie.
She was honored by Yah Vashem as Righteous Among the Nations.
She was blessed at a papal service, the first one the RomanCatholic Church did after the Holocaust.
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