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What is an ideal community?

No description

maryam alafghani

on 2 December 2015

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Transcript of What is an ideal community?

What makes up an ideal community?
If any of the rules and laws were broken, the person who committed transgression will be punished. Although not everybody gets the same punishments, the government should assign punishments that will suite each transgression.
Laws and Rules
Setting firm laws ad rules that would keep every person safe. Rules also help the individuals in the community get along and keep things fair.
What is an ideal community?
Ideal Community
People will depend on their selves and harvest their own fruits and vegetables from their own garden. People in the society should also clean after themselves, that way we will have a clean community and no domestics will be needed.
Such as:
It is forbidden for citizens in the community to commit a crime such as killing, violence, stealing, robbery…etc.
Every child in the community should attend school regularly.
Citizens should not ask for more than what they need, the government would keep track of the requests the citizens make.
In order to create an ideal society and make sure that the citizens in the community are satisfied and have no worries about their needs, There should be a wise government that would treat everybody in the community equally, and would keep track of the requirements that the people in the community consume so that all people have equal resources.
An ideal community is a group of people who live in a specific geographical area, and share mutual standards, opportunities, resources...etc, and is ruled by rules and laws that balance out the relationship between citizens in the community.
An ideal community consists of rules and laws that individuals in the community should follow.

What happens if rules and laws were followed?
If rules and laws were followed, the community would never even need money, every citizen would be working to the needs of their community.
Providing Goods
The government will provide the people with meats, housing, education, and healthcare. People with specific jobs will harvest and deliver goods to houses every three days, such as meats, fish…etc.
Government will be responsible of selecting jobs based on the student’s interests and the community’s needs. Students will have to do voluntary work by the age of twelve; this will help decide the student’s future job. Before the student turns eighteen, they will keep fluctuating between voluntary places, then people with specific jobs at the government will watch the students to see if one of the voluntary places suites the student. By the age of eighteen, the student will stick to one voluntary work that they would appreciate, and would start training their given jobs.
• Citizens should not tell the government what to do The citizens may suggest changes in the community to the government, but the government would make the final decision.
• Pets are not allowed in the community
• Bicycles should not be left unattended;
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