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Savage, C2, Thanksgiving

No description

Agassi Student

on 20 November 2015

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Transcript of Savage, C2, Thanksgiving

Savage, C2, Thanksgiving
The date of our thanksgiving is celebrated on November 26.Thanksgiving is when friends and family get together for a big harvest to celebrate the blessings of thanks and what they have today
Thanksgiving in Canada is celebrated on the second Monday of October. If Chinese people celebrate it, they celebrate it on the American date maybe thinking of Indians, Pilgrims, sailing ships, turkey and pumpkin pie since the story is known among educated people.
How did american Thanksgiving get started?
It has been celebrated as a fedral holiday every year since 1863.When during the civil war president linclon proclaimed national day of ''Thanksgiving'' and benificiant father who dwelleth in the heavens to be celebrated on the las tThursday of November.
presented by:
Canada's Thanksgiving
When and what is thanksgiving
On the righ its canadas state flag.
canada facts??
Did you kniw that canadians speak english and frech.Well now you know canadians are known for speaking both language.
the following words mean happy thanksgiving (in french).Joyeux Thanksgiving.
compar and contrast.
-Canada and America both celebrate Thanksgiving.
-Canada and America eat diffrent kinds of food on the special occasion Thanksgiving.Also America celabrates Thanksgiving on November 26.Canada celebrate on cecond monday of october.
This is how our special occasion, Thanksgiving began.
This is what canadaians eat for thanksgiving.
This is what americans eat on thanksgiving.
and is all americans drink on thanksgiving is water and pop.
this is my thanksgiving facts and imormatiom about canadian thanksgiving and american thanksgiving.
I put a lot of work in it so i hpe you enjoed.
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