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The Wife's Story

No description

Kelsey Webster

on 28 October 2014

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Transcript of The Wife's Story

The setting of the story ¨The Wife's Story¨ is in the woods and also in a house, that is in the woods. The story does not state a specific time that the story takes place.
Inciting Incident
The inciting incident in the story is when the husband and wife get married. This is because when they get married, it starts the rising action.
Rising Action
The Rising Action in the story is when the wife starts to realize that in the night when everyone is asleep, the husband will get out of bed and leave the house. When the husband comes back, he always smells funny. This is the rising action because it leads up to the climax.
Significance of the Title
The title of the story is The Wife's Story. The story is about a wife telling her story about what happened with her husband. So, it is The Wife's Story.
Falling Action
Background on the Author
The husband/father:
"He was a good husband, a good father."
The wife/mother:
She is the one telling the story.
The children:
There are two; the littlest one gets scared of the dad.
"The Wife's Story"

The exposition is when the wife was in the woods when she was younger. This is when she meets her soon to be husband for the first time.
The resolution is when the wife see's the white bloody man who was once her husband. Then they run back to the hills into the woods.
The title of the story is ¨The Wife's Story¨. The reason it is called ¨The Wife's Story¨ is because the wife is telling her story.
The conflict in ¨The Wife's Story¨ is that the wife's husband is turning into a human at night. The way the conflict is resolved is when the wife and her family kill the husband.
In conclusion, our group does not recommend reading ¨The Wife's Story¨ This is because the story is very confusing, and the plot is unclear.
"The Wife's Story" is a fantasy book about werwolves and humans. By Ursula Le Guin.
The climax is when the father turns into a human and the the mother and children find out.
The falling action is when the wolves take down the husband and the sister bites hes neck
figures of speech
Character Change
In the story, there is a lot of character change. The husband has a physical change. In the story, he changes from a werwolf to a human. The wife changes emotionally. This is because because she goes from loving her husband and thinking that he's a good man to thinking he's a bad man.
The author is Ursula Le Guin she is currently 85 years old. She writes fiction books and has written about 45 books. She also has a series of 6 books called
The people we love are not always who you think they are.
The figure of speech in the story is "Its the moons fault, and the blood."
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