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The Skin I'm In

No description

Kalkidan Alemu

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of The Skin I'm In

SKIN I'M IN Michael Saunder CHARLESE JONES Maleeka Madison Kalkidan Alemu Smart
Cares about what others say about her
Doesn't accept herself the way she is
Tries to fit in by changing herself in various ways
Though less of herself than she is by other students
Hangs out with the wrong crowd
Gives into peer presures
Needs to stand up for herself Successful
Want to give back by helping students at McClenton appreciate education and help them to want to learn
She is learning to accept her face the
way it is, but sometimes thinks of herself less than what she actually is that's way she is trying to be perfect
She helps Maleeka stand up for herself in the end and fixes both of their lives Bully
Thinks she is better than anyone
Rude, Arrogant, and Disrespectful
Takes advantage of people
Looks down on everyone
Treats Maleeka like a slave JOHN-JOHN McINTRYE He believes Maleeka thinks she is better than him
He always the one of the ones who makes fun of Maleeka's dark skin
Sing a hurtful song about Maleeka's dark skin
Constantly picking on Maleeka.
Secretly has a crush on Maleeka.(That's way he always taunts her.)
Jealous of Maleeka's and Caleb's relationship Caleb Jamaal Assam Maleeka and Caleb have a complicated relationship
Likes Maleeka
See the world through his own eyes
Takes a stand for something wrong
Cares for his community and school
Likes to change the bad to good BOOK
SUMMARY The book “The Skin I’m In” tells about a girl named Maleeka and the burdens she faces everyday from the bullying to the taunts from students at her school, McClendon Middle School about her dark skin. However, that all about to changes thanks to Mrs.Saunder, a new teacher at McClendon, even though Maleeka and her get off to a bad start, Mrs.Saunder helps by patching together Maleeka’s life. Moral Theme
What I Learned The moral theme of this story is to learn to stick up for yourself and do what is right and speak out. I learned that people in this world are always going to pick on you and make you do thing that are wrong, but you have to stand up for yourself and speak out. Its your decision with who you hang out with and we have to learn pick the right crowd that accepts you the way you are.
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