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My Programming Projects Java

No description

Hania Guiagoussou

on 30 November 2015

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Transcript of My Programming Projects Java

The Princess and the Frog

I learned Alice at a Summer Java Tech Day in 2011 organized by Oracle for its employee’s kids. I was 12 years old at that time and at the beginning of the workshop, I thought it was going to be as boring as the "Hello world" sample Java program my dad wanted me to try for so long. He was very disappointed at me his favorite daughter not embracing his passion.

But it turned to be quite the opposite. The workshop was fun, the instructors and volunteers were passionate about what they were doing. I found that Alice was the best way to encourage kids, specifically girls to embrace IT (Information Technology).

In this next video created for the Java workshop contest, I turned my little brother (voice over) into a frog then a gentleman using Alice. During these three days at the Oracle Java workshop, we were able to learn quickly the tool and create fun animations.
I came across Go!Animate while I was looking for a programming tool to translate my school project into an amazing and fun to watch video presentation. We were given an assignment in our history class to describe the layout of the U.S government and talk about how the constitution affects our everyday life.

I was searching for a computer animation tool to make my interpretation come to life. While Alice is a nice tool to work with, it lacked props that were necessary for my project and it lost it's resolution quality when published

In the project I focused on the idea that I am blessed to be in America where we are given unalienable rights, and unlimited chances to succeed. We can go as higher as we want no matter who we are.
Saturday, July 25th, 2015
Vol XCIII, No. 311
The US Constitution - It’s effect on “Me” as citizen

How I got started with programming
The US Constitution - It’s effect on “Me” as citizen
IT and Programming is in the family's DNA.

At a very early stage in my life I was exposed to coding.

International/Academic Achievements:
Alice: Princess & the Frog
GoAnimate!: US Constitution
IoT/Embbedded Java: Water Saver

My ICT Projects
Hania Mahamat Guiagoussou
About Me

Princess and the frog
Water Saver
My latest project came about when I noticed that lawn sprinklers went off when it was raining. I was so annoyed that despite the fact that we were in a severe drought we weren't controlling our water usage properly.

To solve this issue I came up with Water Saver. Water saver is a system that controls and limits the usage of water. It adapts to changes in weather and gives users ability to monitor and control their irrigation system with any mobile device or computer.

Water saver a is simple, open, flexible and low cost solution that applies to the principles of "smart environment" by optimizing the use of limited resources such as water or fertilizer

The algorithm that controlled this system was completely programed in Java

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