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Mass Tourism - The end?

Estoril Higher Institute for Hotel and Tourism Studies

Pedro Jóia

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Mass Tourism - The end?

The end? Overview What is it? First things first... Mass Tourism Thousands of people Definition No official definition Tourism Mass Mass Tourism Mass Tourism Origins Evolution Future prospects WTTC WTO Tourists Mass Recreational
Business Away from place of residence
Temporary, short term visit
>24hours <1 year Large scale Tourism Tourism in large scales + Same destination
Same time Tour Operator Package Accommodation Catering Transport Positive effects Negative effects Economic Social Environmental Economic Social Environmental Future Prospects When did it start? Where did it come from? 1840's Revolution in Tourism Thomas Cook 571 People Leicester Loughborough Meals
Music First ever all-inclusive tour 1855 Tours
Guided holidays Foreign countries "Boom" A few years later... 19th Century Enlightenment
Romanticism New perspective of Nature "Sentimentalized" the mountains Affinity for Nature Opening of Alps to tourists
New hotels
Alpine huts
Mountain Railways European Aristocracy
New middle class International tourism
European countries' balance of payments
Europe's economy Development of means of transport Thomas Cook Steam train and ship Safe, inexpensive traveling Growth
of mass tourism An alternative... Sustainable Tourism Is the end of mass tourism in sight?
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