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Stages of Motor Development for Young Children.

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sherry white

on 25 August 2013

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Transcript of Stages of Motor Development for Young Children.

The stages of motor development. Motor development skills are those that involve the large muscles, running skipping, jumping, throwing, and catching. There are three stages of development in young children, Physical, cognitive and psychosocial development.
The importance of physical activity it provides the opportunity to be active, and be healthy. Young children should be encouraged to participate in physical activities that are appropriate for their are, the activities should be enjoyable, and offer variety.
The main goal of physical education should
be for young children to develop the skills and
abilities that contribute to a lifetime of physical
activity. Make sure you make the activity/lesson
enjoyable for the children. When physical activities are fun, children learn to enjoy being
physically active.
Riding bikes is
a example of a physical activity.
This activity helps children develop motor skills and coorination
Stretching helps to maintain flexibility, which in
turn may
improve your athletic performance.
Playing on playground equipment helps to maintain flexibility.
Eating habits, can be hard to change, if they have become comfortable routines, with children Parents can buy healthy snacks, cook with less starch, encourage children to drink zero- calorie beverages, and don't stock the house with junk foods. Replace unhealthy snacks with health snacks.
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Young children.
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