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Career Cluster Finder

No description

Janelle Winders

on 26 August 2014

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Transcript of Career Cluster Finder

Career Cluster Finder
What types of jobs fit your interests?

What is Cluster Finder and why is it important?
How to read your results!!!
Completing the Cluster Finder
How to log in to Naviance and start the Cluster Finder

Cluster Finders is a career interest inventory in Naviance.
It shows you a series of sentences and words. You will check off the sentences and words that you are interested in or that best describe you.
All of your responses are compared to professionals who are in their careers and enjoy what they do. Naviance will show your the careers that your interests and strengths match best with.
This does not mean that you are choosing your career right now! This is a way for you to explore and research careers that are interesting to you!
Help you create a plan for your future
Learn how to set goals
Learn how to improve your grades
Learn about how middle school affects high school and college
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