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No description

Andrea Chavez

on 13 March 2015

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Transcript of Poetry

There Will Come Soft Rains
"And not one will know of the war, not one will care at last when it is done."
Meeting at Night
And a voice less loud, through its joys and fears,
than the two hearts beating each to each!
The Sound of Night
And now on the narrow beach we defend ourselves from dark.
I Dwell In Possibility -
I dwell in Possibility- A fairer House than Prose-
Variation on a theme by
Blessing the Boats
The Fish
Christmas Sparrow
The Sloth
Tonight I Can Write...
Sonnet 18
Sonnet XXX
Lord Randall
Midwinter Blues
And what I heard was my whole self saying and singing what it knew: I can.
May you kiss the wind then turn from it certain that it will love your back [...]
He didn't fight. He hadn't fought at all.
You ask him something in his Ear, He thinks about for a Year.
Softly, in the dusk, a woman is singing to me; Taking me back down the vista of years.
I admired all that pulsing gleam, the shiny flanks, the demure headlights fringed where it lay [...]
It burst into its element, dipping over the dormant garden in a spasm of wingbeats [...]
Though this be the last pain that she makes me suffer and these the last verses that I write for her.
So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see, So long live this, this gives life to thee.
I might be driven to sell your love for peace, Or trade the memory of this night for food. It well may be. I do not think I would.
Oh yes, I am poisoned: mother, make my bed soon, For I'm sick at the heart, and fain wald lie down.
He will go with another through eternity.
He told me that he loved me But he must a been tellin' a lie.
Thank you!
The poem "There will come soft rains" imagines nature taking back its beauty after a war has occurred. This specific quote tells us that nature will go on with or without humans. Animals, weather, and nature will not notice the absence of humans. Nature by itself is much more powerful than all human beings. This poem also suggests the end of human race.
"Meeting at Night" is a love poem full of imagery. The entire poem is based on the speaker's desire to reunite with his love. The night scenario and all the details tell us that it may be a 'secret date'. The quote above makes a contribution to this secret meeting idea. We can clearly visualize this fear/joyful encounter.
This poem is about a man's overnight stay in a forest. It's theme is that when humans don't understand thing they tend to be scared of them. In the quote it's described the speaker's fear towards the forest. He feels like the sounds of the night and night itself is something dangerous. At the end of the poem, they look forward daylight.
The speaker in the poem expresses feelings of pleasure and happiness. She also refers to a life full of possibilities. In this quote what she is trying to tell us is that you can be surrounded by poetry. She describes poetry having many doors and achievements. She sees poetry a open and limitless, and more beautiful than the limited and strict prose.
I feel this is an inspirational poem. This quote and the poem itself gives a feeling of confidence and personal growth. It gives the feeling that everything is possible. Personally I like this quote. It means a lot to me.
This poem is about confidence and being open to all things once unknown but now known. It gives the feeling of life. Of accepting challenges without fear, and experiencing whatever life allows you to experience. The idea suggested in the quote is that someone will be there. That someone will always give you a hand.
It describes the fish as old and fragile. In the quote it's stated that it has given up. It's too tired to fight for it's life. On the rest of the poem it's described what apparently has happened to the fish. With this sense of hopelessness, the speaker sets it free.
This poem illustrates the desperation of a bird to be free. In this quote it expresses the joy of the bird getting back where it belongs. It gives the idea to set things free. We need to be on our element to do the best on things.
This poem illustrates the slowness and laziness of a Sloth. Taking centuries to do simple things. It gives the idea that people at one time or another feel frustrated or annoyed with how slowly some things go by. The speaker wants the world to move faster. As in this quote, the speaker wants some questions to be answered.
It shows a man experiencing nostalgia as he listens to a woman singing which reminds him of his childhood. Nostalgia is the main idea behind the quote. The poem also expresses the disadvantages or the pain of growing up. The speaker would give up everything for his childhood.
As the title and the statements on the poem say, the speaker was fifteen during the setting of the poem. The speaker found a running motorcycle, and drove it on Seventeenth road. He feels free when he rides it. He gets inspired by the motorcycle. This poem illustrates life by stating "I was fifteen".
This poem portrays the loss of a romantic relationship that fell apart. The speaker idealizes the passion once felt. In the quote, the speaker gave up. He doesn't want to fight anymore, even though maybe he still loves her. I think he wants to convince himself that he doesn't love her anymore.
The poem basically is a statement of praise about the beauty of the speaker's beloved. He declares that his love is lovely and temperate in contrast with summer. The quote alludes to an immortal love. The theme is the power of the poem to defy time and make it last forever. Carrying it on to future generations.
At first, this poem gives a negative view of love. It states that love is not all; not guaranteeing food, a roof, breath, etc. But it has a turning point - the quote - when the speaker says that she would give up peace and food for love. Some people might have sold their love for food, or shelter, or peace—but not her.
This poem is a ballad about a man being poisoned by his love. He feels pain not just because of the poison, but by the heartbreak. He insists that wants to lay down. He feels betrayed and brokenhearted.
"Ballad" is a poem about a woman watching her loved one with another. It seems that is very important for her. She feels in pain of not being this woman. She feels brokenhearted and defeated because she's alone knowing that his love doesn't love her back. In the quote the pain is clearly noticed.
The poem was during the middle of winter, a night before Christmas, and the speaker's love rejected her. She says that she will love him until the day he dies. In the quote she feels angry and betrayed. Because he left him during winter she feels hopeless. The theme of the poem is don't give up no matter what comes up, enjoy life.
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