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Tigers Prezi Kaylee R

No description

kaylee riggs

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Tigers Prezi Kaylee R

Detroit Tigers Baseball By : Kaylee The Detroit Tigers first started playing in1894.
The owner was George Vanderbeck. en.wikipedia.org The Tiger have played at Bennett Park, Navin Field, Briggs Stadium and Comerica http://detroit.tigers.mlb.com/det/ballpark/information/index.jsp?content=pastvenues Tigers hall of fame: Earl Averill

Jim Bunning

Ty Cobb

Mickey Cochrane

Sam Crawford

Larry Doby

Charlie Gehringer

Goose Goslin

Al simmons

Sam Thompson Hank Greenberg

Bucky Harris

Harry Helimann

Waite Hoyt

Hughie Jennings

Al Kaline

George Kell

Heinie Manush

Eddie Mathews

Hal Newhouser www.ootpdevelopments.com www.baseball-almanac.com www.allposters.com www.flickr.com en.wikipedia.org www.ootpdevelopments.com www.baseball-almanac.com www.baseball-almanac.com www.baseball-almanac.com www.allposters.com www.baseball-almanac.com www.baseball-almanac.com www.ootpdevelopments.com www.baseball-almanac.com www.ootpdevelopments.com www.baseball-almanac.com www.baseball-almanac.com www.baseball-almanac.com www.baseball-almanac.com www.baseball-almanac.com Justin Verlander 2011
Willie Hernandez 1984
Denny McLain 1968
Hal Newhouser 1945
Hal Newhouser 1944
Hank Greenberg 1940
Charlie Gehringer 1937
Hank Greenberg 1935
Mickey Cochrane 1934
www.bleacherreport.com Justin Verlander2011

Willie Hernandez1984

Denny McLain1969

Denny McLain1968 MVPs Cy Young Winners My favorite tiger is... Miguel Cabrera.He is an amazing player and has won the triple crown. The tigers are in the American league and the Central division. http://theklowntimes.net/2012/01/25/fielder-signing-makes-tigers-team-to-beat/ The tigers won the world series in 1935, 1945, 1968, and 1984. http://blog.mitchellandness.com/?tag=/1935+world+series,http://www.thedeadballera.com/TeamPhotos/1945Tigers.html,http://www.detroitathletic.com/servlet/the-1926/1968-Detroit-Tigers-World/Detail,http://www.amazon.com/Vintage-Detroit-Tigers-8x10-Condition/dp/B0089SIYUI usasports.tumblr.com allposter.com www.mlive.com www.milb.com www.psacardfacts.com www.flickr.com
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