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The Blanket

No description

Justine Giroux

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of The Blanket

The Blanket We reap as we have sown Setting Introduction Narrative Hook Event 1 Event 2 Event 3 Event 4 Conflict Climax Resolution Conclusion At the O’Brien’s farm in a unknown county at an unknown time. Brendan O’Brian, his wife Katy and their son Sean, are really poor. The mom says: There are too much mouth to feed in this house. Should trim down food. Start drinking Grampa answers Sean questions about the Celtics tribes. He also gives him geography lessons. Mom talks kicking grampa. Parents keep talking about problem The parents don’t have enough money to feed everyone. They say that it is the best time to do it. They take the grampa and lead him to the door. Sean answers: “Please mom, just give him half the blanket, I beg of you.” “Please give Grampa half a blanket - then I will have something to give to you both when it’s my time to turn you out.” Theme: You reap what you sow Tone: Sad, shocking Mood: Sad, shocking Setting: At the O’Brien’s farm in a unknown time. Point of view: 3rd person Protagonist: Sean Antagonist: The mother (Katy) Foil: The mother and the dad Secondary character(s): The grandfather Flashback(s) Twisted ending Foreshadowing(s) of the twisted ending Foreshadowing(s) of a character’s reaction, behavior Kate says: Too many mouths
to feed here! Sean
Grampa He takes food and does
not work. Dad says: But Katy, he's my
very own father! Plot Analysis Twisted Denouement Imagine the Continuation Epiphany Mom says: "Here, let's give him a blanket off the bed." The sad ending is foreshadowed many times :
"Too many mouths to feed here"
"The money is at the roof of the problem"
"The solution is to kick someone out"
When she says “This is as good a day as you’ll get “ Crisis Characters Epiphany : When the boy find out they want to kick the grandpa
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