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Sources of Cultural, Social, and Political Change

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Ianna San Juan

on 3 February 2016

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Transcript of Sources of Cultural, Social, and Political Change

know the different factors that affect change
differentiate acculturation and assimilation
know how to apply this with the changes
Political Change
-significant disruption in a government

-meant to restore balance between the government and the citizens
 Change in Policies
or Leadership
 Social/Economic Issues
 Citizens vs Government
 Culture
 Conflict
 idealistic factors
Cultural Change
-A culture can be found in societies of big and small populations, and cultural change occurs with the slightest exposure to new perspectives
Sources of Cultural, Social, and Political Change
 Natural Environment
 New ideas
 Cultural diffusion
 Acculturation
Social Change
-changes that take place in human interactions and interrelations
Government vs Citizens
Culture Loss

Acculturation Assimilation
process by which a person or a group's language and/or culture come to resemble those of another group
process of adopting the cultural traits or social patterns of another group.
CAUSE- cause of changing cultures
EFFECT- effect after the changes in culture, social, and political ways
SOLUTION- solution to the friction between two societies that have extreme opinions in their own ways;
ISSUE- members of the society are uncomfortable with the changing of ways from their usual routine.

Acculturation and Assimilation
avoid misunderstandings
and judgements to the method of living the members of society partakes in.
to be aware of strategic ways to
understand societies
with different practices and cultures.
it is important to know that there are different factors that change the way of how people live

1) live according to your culture's traditions and beliefs

2) two-way relationship between the government and the citizens

Acculturation and Assimilation
In your own opinion, do you think the concepts of acculturation and assimilation bring negative effects to politics, society and culture? Why or why not?
which is a better source of change: acculturation or assimilation? Justify your answer by giving points from the discussion
describe the cross cultural effects on both minorities and majorities in societies
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