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Goal Setting Greg

No description

Bryan Zelski

on 25 July 2014

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Transcript of Goal Setting Greg

Most of the time, when we want to achieve something special, we don't get it just by simply asking. We have to come up with our own ways of doing it.

If you wanted to get all A's, would your teacher just give them to you if you asked?

Giant Fish
Mile High Mountain
Goal Achieved!
Many students have a goal in mind, but are not willing to put in the necessary work it takes to achieve that goal. Working hard toward your goal even though you're sick of it is called perseverance.
The Adventures of,
Goal Setting Greg!
How can Greg get past Giant Fish?
Sometimes we get distracted when we're trying to accomplish our goals. Instead of working toward your goal, you might be tempted to do something else that's more fun instead, like play games or spend time with friends. Making sure we stick with our plan and continue to work hard is having good self-discipline.

Greg decided that in order to get past Octomonster, he'll need to ignore the distractions, stay focused on his goal, and then.......
He'll get his treasure!
Greg is about to begin an epic journey to win back his treasure...
and he'll have to work really hard to overcome the dangers that lie ahead in order to get what he wants!
Getting back his treasure is Greg's goal. A goal is an achievement that you are willing to work really hard to accomplish. Can you think of an example of a goal you have?
Before Greg begins his journey, he'll need to look ahead and plan on how he will achieve his goal. By setting a plan, you are more likely to achieve your goal. Let's help Greg plan ahead to reach his goal!
Option 1: Ask Giant Fish, "Excuse me, could you stop jumping and promise not to eat me?"
Option 2: Figure out a way to get by Giant Fish on his own by using his smarts and awesome jumping abilities
How can Greg climb all the way up to Mile High Mountain?

Option 1: Stare up at it, then decide it's too hard.

Option 2: Start to climb, but quit once he gets too tired

Option 3: Climb all the way to the top without giving up..... no matter what!
Greg knows that the only way past Octomonster is by jumping on top of his big head since it can't lift his head high enough to eat him.

Option 1: Jump on top of Octomonster's big head

Option 2: Climb down these mountains to play a joke on Octomonster and tickle his feet

Option 3: Take a picture of Octomonster, and then go home to show his friends
Goal Setting Greg's goal is just
like a simple math problem:

Get past Giant Fish+
Climb Mile High Mountain
Jump on Octomonster's head
= Get back the treasure!

Try to think of how your goal could be a simple math problem.

Also, remember to think of how you will know when you have reached your goal. That way you will have something specific to achieve!
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