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Separation of the Government

No description

Ariel Moore

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of Separation of the Government

The Government's new Religion
The New Religion
At the beginning of our country, we were a Christian based Government, as well as a Christian based nation. But later Atheists came up against the people in the Government and in 1961, Universal Unitarianism was founded. Unitarianism is a religion of no religion, a practice of not practicing religion.
The Separation of The Government
The was legalized as a religion, and at the same time they made a separation of Government, and more and more Religions were passed under the separation of the Government.
John Jay
"Every member of the State ought to diligently read and study the constitution of his own country, by knowing their rights, they will sooner perceive when they are being violated and be better prepared to defend and assert them. "
John Jay
What he said was true, if we know what our country was founded on, and what our country should be, then we will know how wrong the Government is, and we must stand against it. But because the Government has taken out all teaching of the constitution, not many people know about how our country was formed.
So although we are a failing Government and nation, we can still save America by getting more people 's attention about what the Constitution is and how badly the Government has changed it to be how they want it.
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