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How to deal with a crisis through Twitter?

Presentation by Aurelie Valtat, EUROCONTROL, at MEP 2.0 Workshop, European Parliament, on 1 December 2010

Aurelie Valtat

on 26 November 2010

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Transcript of How to deal with a crisis through Twitter?

How to deal with a crisis through Twitter? The story The lessons learnt The recipe The future Brief timeline:
July 2009 - "We need to be on social media"
Dec 2009 - we are on social media
April-May 2010 - volcanic ashcloud crisis The figures: Be honest
Be careful
Be available
Be simple
Be in tune
Be connected
Be transparent
Be human "We love you guys at EUROCONTROL - you rock!"
A fan Type of crisis:
risk to your reputation only vs. risk to people's lives
risk caused by your own fault vs. risk out of your control CRISIS "Any idiot can face a crisis - it's this day-to-day living that wears you out." Anton Chekhov Interactivity is key
Information should be concrete and useful
Social media people should be in your crisis pressroom
Social media channels should be integrated into your crisis comms plan
Momentum builds up when mainstream media relay your Twitter efforts
Importance of the feeling of being listened to Stay in touch
avaltat Blurring of lines between person, function, institution Social media reflect a specific culture Better adaptation between audience and brand How to deal with a crisis through Twitter?
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