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The Ryan Tribune

No description

Brittany Hume

on 17 May 2014

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Transcript of The Ryan Tribune

It was barely enough to keep the family afloat.
The Ryan Family
Kelly Ryan
Lea Anne Ryan
Kelly Ryan was a husband to Evelyn Ryan and a father to his ten children. Kelly worked as a technician at Serrick's Screw Machine Shop making pliers, nuts, screws, hammer, screwdrivers, bolts, and the occasional pair of tweezers. Kelly made about $90 a week and along with his drinking habits, it was barely enough to keep the family afloat.
Sometimes, but not often Kelly turned into a violent drunk. In the mid-1970s Kelly was diagnosed with diabetes. He stopped drinking but his efforts were futile, Kelly's leg was amputated and he died at seventy-five in 1983. Shortly after his death the family discovered $60,000 left by Kelly for Evelyn, his beloved wife.
Monday, February 17, 1999
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Evelyn Ryan
10 Youngsters? Yikes!
Dick Ryan
Evelyn Ryan, mother of ten, led a hard life. As a mother, Evelyn worked hard to support her family. Adamant to give her children a full life, Evelyn entered poem contests so that her family would never taste the sting of poverty. Being a gifted writer, Evelyn won many contests; including the Western Auto Bike Contest that allowed the family to put a down payment on a new house. Throughout the years Evelyn continued to win contests and build a strong foundation for her family. During the later years of her life , sweepstakes contests took over and 'jingle' contests were a thing of the past. In 1983 Kelly Ryan died at the age of seventy-five. To make up for the the absence of the contests rewards Evelyn worked at a JC Penny. Evelyn traveled all over the world visiting her children and fulling life long dreams. In 1998 Evelyn was diagnosed with terminal cancer, she died August 29, 1998.

In a way Dick was the start of Evelyn's active participation in contesting. Evelyn entered the Western Auto Bike Contest to win Dick a brand new bike after his had been destroyed in an accident . Dick spent a few years pitching for the Detroit Tigers, Dick now lives in Los Angles, and plays softball or baseball in city leagues.
The Ryan Tribune
Born in 1937, Lea Anne was the first of Evelyn's children. Lea Anne assisted her mother in taking care of the rest of the children and with household chores. Lea Anne now works as a hospice nurse in Florida, where she resides with Bob Metzger her husband of forty-two years. Together they have four children and nine grandchildren.
Bub Ryan
Bub was very close with Dick, being that they were both great pitchers. Bub played alongside his brother on the Detroit Tigers as a pitcher. Bub now lives in Virginia and teaches grade school. With his wife of forty years, Jannie Sherrel, he has five children and eleven grandchildren.
Rog Ryan
Born two years after Bub, Rog was Evelyn's fourth child. Despite their closeness in age Rog and Bub did not get along. The two would fight to the point if unconsciousness, and sometimes even beyond that. Rog entered air force training upon completing high school, in Texas. Rog lives in San Antonio, Texas where he owns an office-machine repair business. Rog also has three children.
Bruce Ryan
All of Evelyn's children benefited from prizes won. Bruce won a trip to New York and a chance to be on the Merv Griffin
Saturday Prom
show. Bruce happily accepted this prize and was accompanied by Evelyn to New York. Bruce soaked up New York culture as the service of contests continued to help the Ryan family throughout their lives.Bruce now lives in Denver, Colorado working as an attorney in a private practice.
Terry "Tuff" Ryan
Terry Ryan was the first girl in the family since Lea Anne; the family was overjoyed to have her, and what a delight she proved to be. Terry was a resilient child hence the nickname "tuff". Terry brought her mother back to life with The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio; now the story lives in all of us. In 2007 Terry passed away due to cancer after living a full live as a writer and poet.
Mike Ryan
Mike was one of the children who witnessed the crisis that the family faced before Evelyn won the Dr. Pepper Time of Our Lives contest. During those dark times the family learned a valuable lesson: they would never face a problem that they couldn't handle. Mike now lives in San Antonio, Texas where he works as a freelance house painter.
Barb Ryan
Betsy Ryan
Dave Ryan
Dave was Evelyn's tenth and final child. Dave was the only child to remain in Defiance, Ohio and married his high school sweetheart. Dave now works at the General Motors Foundry. Together, Dave and Lucy have three children and two grandchildren.
As a child, Barb was known for her great hair. Her charismatic personality was also one of her identifying traits. Barb now lives in Cleveland Heights, Ohio with her husband, Peter. She received her B.A. in theater and now works with husband, restoring homes.
Betsy was the child that Kelly confided in about the money he left for Evelyn. Betsy kept his secret unknowingly, and it turned out to be a surprise to everyone. Betsy now lives in New York with her husband Nick Mankovich and their three children.
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