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Butterfly Life Cycle

No description

Heather Keplinger

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Butterfly Life Cycle

Butterfly Life Cycle
Monarch butterfly egg
Painted Lady butterfly egg
Brimstone butterfly egg
Owl butterfly eggs
* different sizes and colors: green, yellow, white
First Stage: Egg
The Life Cycle of a Monarch Butterfly
Blue Morpho butterfly egg
About 5-7 days until the eggs hatch
Second Stage: Caterpillar
eat 1000s of times their own weight
Front legs- to hold food
Back legs- to help climb
long hairs can sting or cause itching
disguises- camouflage to blend in
molting- most caterpillars shed their skin 5 or 6 times
The caterpillar stage can last from 2 weeks to a month.

They have cool bodies that help them live, grow, and stay safe.
Third Stage: Chrysalis
It spins a sticky thread of silk from its mouth to hold it in place and hangs from a twig.
The chrysalis turns
lighter over time.
It has no mouth or legs,
but huge changes are
taking place inside.
Monarch Butterfly Chrysalis
It grows antenna, new legs, and large wings
Red-Spotted Purple Chrysalis
Tree Nymph Chrysalis
Baltimore Checkerspot Chrysalis
What is it like to break out of a chrysalis?
Let's find out!
Start in squatting position and slowly raise arms over head, stand up tall on tiptoes
I’m a flower, I’m a flower
Roots below, roots below.
Soil and rain and sunshine
Soil and rain and sunshine
Watch me grow! Watch me grow!

Act out the phases of the life cycle

Have students curl up in a ball and slowly uncurl
I’m an egg, I’m an egg
On a little leaf, on a little leaf
Soon I’ll be a caterpillar
Soon I’ll be a caterpillar
Watch me eat! Watch me eat!
Have students crawl around the floor on hands and knees
I’m a caterpillar, I’m a caterpillar
You’re one too, you’re one too
Soon we’ll both be butterflies
Soon we’ll both be butterflies
Something new! Something new!

Have students stand up with their arms down at their sides and pretend they are hanging from a twig
I’m a chrysalis, I’m a chrysalis
Warm and dry, warm and dry
Changing from the inside
Changing from the inside
Into a butterfly! Into a butterfly!

Have students stand with arms out, and begin waving arms up and down
I’m a butterfly, I’m a butterfly
Flying all around, flying all around
Looking for a flower
Looking for a flower
Searching up and down. Searching up and down.

Have students stand still with arms over head in a “v.”
Sway back and forth to look for butterflies.
I’m a flower, I’m a flower
Open to the sky, open to the sky
I have lots of nectar
I have lots of nectar
For all the butterflies. For all the butterflies.

Pretty Butterfly
(Tune: Up on the Housetop)
First comes a
and lays an
Out comes a
with many legs.
Oh see the
spin and spin,
A little
to sleep in.

Oh, oh, oh wait and see!
Oh, oh, oh wait and see!
Out of the
, my oh my,
Out comes a beautiful

Fourth Stage: Adult Butterfly
Eastern Tailed Blue Butterfly
West Virginia Lady Butterfly
Sara Orange Tip Butterfly
The chrysalis becomes clear after about two weeks, and the butterfly wriggles out.
Now the adult butterfly has four colorful wings, two long feelers, two large eyes, and six long legs.
The butterfly uses its mouth-tube or proboscis to drink nectar from flowers and sometimes standing water.
Antennae to balance and smell
6 legs to taste
2 large eyes
wings to hear and fly
Most live about 20-40 days.
Some butterflies fly south or migrate in the winter to stay warm. The monarch butterfly flies all the way to Mexico.
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